The following June 2022 astrology + energy report comes from Business Coach + Earth Medicine Practitioner, Ariana Fotinakis

As the days inch longer in the Northern Hemisphere, June often brings an air of excitement for the adventures that summer will bring. Ocean swims? Sunset picnics? Mountain hikes? Yes please!

Use the (hopefully) decent weather to your advantage and spend as much time connecting with Mama Earth as possible. If you take the time to ground yourself, two of June’s retrogrades could prove to be transformative times for you.

Keep reading to learn all about June’s cosmic energy and a ritual that will help you harness the power of this month’s full moon.

The Cosmos

If tech issues and communication mishaps have been causing you major headaches, fear not! Mercury stations direct in the sign of Taurus on June 3. When Mercury is retrograde in the sign of slow yet steady Taurus, it can feel as though plans & commitments have come to a halt. If you’ve been holding off on signing on the dotted line on some big deals, once this planet goes direct it’s time to grab your pen and sign away.

On June 4, Saturn stations retrograde in the sign of Aquarius. Saturn will remain retrograde for the next four months, eventually dipping into the sign of Capricorn. Saturn governs the systems, structures, and rules of our lives, and when it’s in the sign of Aquarius, it asks us to reflect on those that impact our experience in the external world. What systems do you have in place that allow you to move towards your goals? What rules do you have for how you set boundaries for yourself and others? 

Saturn might push you up against your edge, but if you stay grounded and open to the lessons, this could be a deeply transformative time for your life. You’ve done a lot of work the last few years, and you’re likely a different person now than you were two years ago. Saturn is going to ask you to align your habits and systems with the new person you’ve become.

On June 21, the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer. Cancer is major Mama Bear vibes; it’s the nurturer and protector of the Zodiac. You may find this energy being directed towards the people you love in your life, with a desire to take care of those most important to you. Or you may find yourself feeling more introspective and protective of Self; both of these and everything in between are acceptable. If you’re feeling a little introverted during this season, consider visiting the home of the crab and spend time with the ocean to clear your mind & drop your worries. 

June 21 is also the Summer Solstice—the longest day of the year! If the introvert vibes haven’t hit you too hard, consider planning a fun day out with friends to honour the Earth. My favourite Solstice activity is a picnic on a beach with tarot cards, kombucha, and my cosmic besties, but you do you, boo. 

On June 28, Neptune stations retrograde in the sign of Pisces. When Neptune is retrograde in its home sign, Pisces, it’s a potent time to explore your inner world. This is highly introspective energy, and can either lead to some deep healing or some deeply sabotaging behaviours. The planets and signs always have a higher expression and a shadow side; when Neptune is operating from its highest expression, we can process our experiences, transmute them into wisdom, and use that wisdom to support us in our big dreams. When it’s operating from its shadow, it can lead us to avoid, numb, and distract. You get to decide which route you go during this transit, which will last for approximately six months. 

The Moon

On June 14, the moon is full in the sign of Sagittarius. Sag is adventurous and fun-loving; if there’s a party, you can bet Sagittarius will be there! They are also driven, persistent, and goal-oriented; they are a fire sign, after all! Think back to the last new moon in Sagittarius, which occurred on December 4, 2021. What goals did you set that you’ve now accomplished? How far have you come? Where are you still wanting to go? 

This full moon in Sagittarius asks you to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished during this lunar cycle. Even if many of your targets have still not been hit, celebrate your future self with the confidence of knowing you will get there. 

On June 28, we have a new moon in the sign of Cancer. Cancer, ruled by the moon, is highly protective. New moons already tend to be a time of inward retreat, and under this energy, you may find yourself feeling incredibly protective of your personal time and space. Use this new moon to set intentions around nurturing the important people in your life. Who are the people you care about? How do you want to begin showing up for them? *Don’t forget about yourself!

Integrate the Energies: Journal Prompts & Fire Ceremony to Call in Personal Leadership

In Anishinaabe teachings, June’s full moon is the Strawberry Moon. According to Robin Wall Kimmerer in her book Braiding Sweetgrass, the strawberry is the leader of the berries; it’s among the first fruits of the summer harvest, signifying the bounty that’s about to become available. 

With Sagittarius being such a goal-oriented, fiery sign, this is the perfect opportunity to reflect on your own relationship with personal leadership and how you work towards that which you want to create in your life. 

  • In what areas of my life am I being a leader?
  • What does personal leadership mean to me?
  • In what areas of my life am I outsourcing my leadership to others?
  • What becomes possible for me when I fully become the leader of my life?

Once you’re done journaling, call upon the fire element, either by (safely!) creating a small fire,  lighting a candle, or visualizing a flame.

Review the list of things, patterns, and behaviours that are preventing you from fully being the leader of your life. If you’re using an actual fire, write each trait on a piece of paper and watch it burn away. If you aren’t using a real fire, visualize yourself placing those traits into a fire and lovingly releasing them from your being.

Now that you’ve offered these traits to be transmuted by the fire element, set an intention to take one action that will solidify this new version of you.

  • What thing have you been avoiding that you will finally do?
  • What boundaries will you set?
  • What uncomfortable conversations will you have?

Pick one thing to focus on for this next lunar cycle. If feelings of discomfort arise, remember what waits for you on the other side of this action!


Ariana Fotinakis is a business coach, breathwork facilitator, earth medicine practitioner, and founder of The 5D Business Collective. As an expert in spiritual entrepreneurship, she supports her clients to clarify what they want out of life and how to make it a reality. You can work with her via 1:1 coaching or join her Business Collective.