Read on to learn about how to create a new moon meditation ritual for yourself + get a free guided new moon meditation that you can do at home on the next new moon.

The moon affects the tides in the ocean and all other water on earth. So it follows that, as human beings who are made mostly of water, that we’re impacted by the rhythms of the moon as well.  One thing’s for sure: Throughout time, people have looked up to the moon as a source of inspiration and a reminder of the cycles of nature that we’re all a part of. Personally, I love to do a new moon meditation as a simple and sweet way to connect with my own sense of natural spirituality.

Creating a New Moon Meditation Ritual

There are approximately 28 days in each moon cycle. Each cycle begins with a new moon, which is when the sun and the moon conjoin at the exact same degrees.

New moons are a beautiful time for planting seeds in our lives. Just as a seed is burrowed into the dark soil when planted, typically a new moon cannot be seen in the night sky with the naked eye (it appears dark in the sky) so a new moon meditation offers a beautiful metaphor for planting seeds in our lives.

A new moon meditation practice reminds us that we can always begin again, and that at the same time, each cycle of our lives is a special time. In the dark period of the new moon, we are given a new, blank slate, which is a great time to set our intentions for the days ahead. So, while new moons are a great time to set intentions and plant seeds, full moon rituals are a time when our manifestations come to life, or to fruition in new ways.

A new moon meditation is a time for looking ahead, beginning anew and as such, a very special time to find clarity in meditation.

This new moon meditation, called “the Seed” meditation, will help you center the mind, shed old thought patterns, and create space to intentionally bring in the things that you want more of in your life.

Below, right click to download my guided new moon meditation that you can do at home.

Guided New Moon Meditation

(Right click to download to your device.)

After you enjoy this guided new moon meditation, follow it up by  journaling 3-5 intentions that you want to bring into your life in the month ahead. Then, close your eyes and read this affirmation aloud to yourself.

I honor new beginnings
Beginnings hold the promise of new lessons to be learned in my life,
new territory to be explored, new pathways to be discovered
Beginnings hold ambiguity, promise, wonder and hope
Just because some parts of my experience have been hard,
does not mean that it will always be that way
I am intentionally selecting what I bring into this next season
I Allow myself to begin anew, planting myself in this moment and bringing forth the nourishment needed to allow these new seeds I sow today
to blossom within my life.

It can be very supportive to keep a running list of your new moon intentions throughout the year to see where certain seeds that you have planted and watered throughout your life have begun to sprout.

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