This year, our favorite buzz phrase is Quantum manifestation. At any given moment, we vibrate with a specific frequency and this frequency attracts situations and people in our lives. Quantum shifts are vibrational shifts that take you to a new state of frequency in which you can achieve what you want, and it’s based on the belief that there are infinite versions of each of us in parallel realities. The world needs our gifts more than ever, y’all, so if you find yourself ready to shed false perceptions, access your subconscious, and explore the possibilities available to you via making a quantum shift, you’ll love what Melanie Phillips shares in this conversation about quantum manifestation. Listen to our conversation on the podcast and read below for a great explanation of what true manifestation is, how to approach quantum manifestation in your life, a free ThetaHealing meditation practice to support you, and lots of practical support to help you begin to manifest from your most aligned, holistic self. Enjoy!

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The following is written by Melanie Phillips, a coach and mentor known for guiding people back to their true nature and highest potential. 

We’re always making meanings about our life. That’s our Ego. If we don’t have the job, money, partner, whatever, the meaning we’re making is coming from the fragmented (wounded) self, and these are based on lack. These are based on the lack of the Ego. So, we need to make more conscious decisions about what meaning we attach to things, situations, and experiences.

We tend to gather evidence/proof for why things aren’t going our way or why we’re not good enough or don’t have what we want. To make a quantum shift into manifesting from the quantum realm, we need to TRANSFORM this pattern, and shift into creating from wholeness. And ironically, when we’re living from wholeness, we tend to no longer want as much, as we become more grateful and content, and the other stuff becomes a lot less important.

Quantum Manifestation + Quantum Shifts

True quantum manifestation happen when our top priority is our Divine connection. When we’re less attached to all those things we used to think we needed to be whole. This not only work for manifesting desires, but it’s also the most sane approach to life, and the most free approach to life. When we shift into quantum existence, we experience a deep remembrance of who we are. The process of creation then becomes a truly spiritual process. 

Remember, our vibration is a reflection of our inner belief system and inner narrative. So, the invitation is to be in vibrational alignment with who we are at our most essential selves, our true nature. That’s when we’re going to find ourselves in a great flow in life, creating our desires with ease.

The Ego vs. The Quantum

If our dream is of our Ego, then we’re going to be contracted somewhere. So, manifesting from a quantum space, is about bringing our energy into congruence with our true nature. Because when our vision is one of the Soul, it’s a different quality of dream than one devised by the Ego. If you find yourself asking, ‘Why aren’t I getting what I want?’, maybe the real question is: ‘Why Isn’t my Ego getting what it wants?’.

If you can’t relate, and feel like you love life, and love yourself, but yet keep causing issues in your work or relationships, chances are you need to dive down deep into the subconscious to discover the inner narratives that will reveal where you have an opportunity to step into wholeness.

When we shed false narratives, such as: life is hard, I can’t afford, I can’t do it, I’m too old, I’m too young, we also shed those perception-created limitations.

The key is to line up our thoughts with the perception of the Creator of All That Is. To see life through the eyes of Divinity. This can be a lifetime’s work as there are many layers, and when we make a conscious effort towards this approach to life, our whole life will change.

Remember, there’s no virtue in going into blame for anything in your life. 

6 Ways to Shift into Quantum Manifestation + Create from your Highest Self.

  • Write down 10 things you’d like to manifest this year.
  • Who do you need to be to align with these creations? If we say we want financial abundance, but keep making choices from an old paradigm of lack, we’ll keep creating the same outcomes. We can’t live from lack AND feel abundant. With eerie desire of your heart, your soul is asking, who do you need to become? The Ego thinks it’s about the outcome but it never truly is. This is a spiritual journey we’re on. The soul doesn’t really care about you getting a new car or house, it’s always about who are you becoming.
  • Next, why do you want these things, what will they bring to you? This is revealing because often when we want to move, or buy a house, or have a relationship, what we’re really after is a sense of security, family, or connection. Sometimes, we’re looking for affirmation, to be validated. Under these desires of the Ego, which are never bad or wrong, our Soul may be helping us to learn to give ourselves the affirmation we’ve been seeking from the material world, to give ourselves the love and security we’ve been wanting others to bring us. This is an opportunity to become strong and whole and empowered, which is the ultimate state of magnetism.
  • What beliefs do you need to bring compassion and perspective to? In my life, for years after loosing my partner to suicide, and living with a decade long auto-immune condition, I had the overwhelming belief that “Life is punishing me.” I wasn’t aware of this for years, and it became my reality. It took conscious effort to notice when this subconscious program was at play and then consciously redirect the thought-forms (inner mental dialogue) in a direction that felt more empowered and free.
  • A gift from Melanie. Explore this ThetaHealing meditation for living in presence and possibility.
  • Practice a meditation that connects your Root Chakra with your Crown chakra. This beautiful practice will help you to both anchor to earth, and open to your Divine connection, through the crown.

To dive into coaching or manifestation work with Melanie Phillips, take a look at her 1:1 coaching and her Alchemy of Freedom soul-business coaching program. Melanie is an inspiring coach, and she’s known for helping people break through barriers and step into aligned success. And if you haven’t tried it yet, our FREE Intuition Test is a great place to start.