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Our Intuition Test will help you understand how intuitive you are. There’s a magical thing about understanding our own intuition: The more connected we are with our intuition, the more we are connected with our Higher Self. Take our Intuition Test to get a sense for where your own level of intuition is at, knowing that we all express and experience intuition in unique ways, and there’s really no right or wrong here. There are, however, great tools to help you deepen and tap into your intuition. Take this Intuition Test, and we’ll share your results, insights, and some guidance right away!

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-By Susan Horning, Herbalist and Intuitive Astrologer.

We’ve all had moments where we have felt our intuition.  Whether you discard it as a passing feeling in your gut, or honour it as your hearts deepest longing, learning to listen to your own internal voice is the most reliable guide for your life.

The key to differentiating our intuition with clear insight is to observe and witness our emotional states.  Emotions can flood the arena where our creative energy is trying to work, and so we must work to establish a place of equanimity in order to truly foster reliable intuition.  If we are in an aggravated state of excitement, fear, sadness, or other emotional swirls, we cannot act with the steadiness of mind or thought, to truly access and move from our most intuitive selves.

In the work I do as a Yoga teacher and Astrologer, one of my favourite questions to ask people is if they trust their intuition to help them make decisions, and if they rely on their intuition more than deductive reasoning?

When you ask yourself this question, it comes down to this: Do you act on a feeling or inspiration, or conversely, are your more likely to analyze logically or ask others for advice?

The truth is, everyone has a different process and there are different things we can turn to in times of uncertainty for answers.  In my work with astrology, I like to use combine both the tools of analytics and my intuition to reach a greater understanding. Here are the four main ways that people work with their Intuition, which do you fall into?

Instant Knowing

Some people claim they just ‘know’ something to be true.  They can sense a situation that is about to go sour, a tension between people, or can spot true love in an instant.  These people usually also foster a deep curiosity about others, and are natural observers – using awareness to assess, feel, and come to conclusions.  They might look up into the sky, see a flock of birds, and consider their evening plans with a group of friends.  Making connections between observations and mental processes is how some people understand intuition and use it to foster a sense of connection with their surroundings.

Information Gathering

Other people seem to have certain answers through information gathering. This group consists of the ‘googlers’ of our population, who, with curious minds, are forever inquiring and seeking knowledge to back up their well-researched beliefs and ideas.  The scholars will learn everything there is to know about a subject, and then have the brilliance to take it one step further through accumulation of other’s ideas and writings.  In today’s modern world, I wager these people could be at risk of becoming victims of media’s objectives, but many of them will defend themselves backed up by popular opinion.

Analysis via Interface + Signs

There is yet another set of people who may love the art and science of astrology or tarot cards, seeking a method of interpreting and analysing using an interface.  They may cite visions or ‘deja vu’ in their meditations, or use abstractions that point to a clear solution simply by understanding categorical context.  Metaphysical rules and theorems can even be used to ‘logitize’ a solution.  Some people will trust guides or mentors, and will seek out opinions, wisdom and perhaps their analytic or intuitive skills to assist them.  This double edged sword may bring up conflict or indecision that can, simply by it’s polarity, help them to understand their preferences.

Emotional Response

Emotional response can be at the root of some of our biggest life changes and decisions.  The truth is, you can’t have a truly intuitive moment when you are flooded with emotion.  Fear, anger, resentment and negative states of mind can bring us into a fury of potential thoughts and actions – and, as any meditator knows, not all of these reactions put us on the path to success.  Sometimes we might get inspired and impulsively sign up for something that we think is the perfect opportunity, only to regret it later in the day after some consideration. That said our emotions can point us to answers and clarity if we work with them wisely.

How To Develop Intuition

One of my most favorite teachers is Anita Moorjani, who wrote the amazingly powerful book, Dying to Be Me. She also has a show and talks about topics, like, how to be a more sensory being. In this video, she shares some great wisdom on how to access and expand your intuition.

Intuition Requires Stillness

In the yogic system, Intuition is just as importance as analysis, according to Sadhguru. Modern culture doesn’t support our natural intuitive knowing. But we can foster this in our own lives. In this video, Sadhguru explains ways to develop Intuition.

Awaken Your Intuition with Maryann DiMarco

This is a fun video on how we’re all potentially psychic and can learn to tap into our intuition to receive guidance.

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