Everything is energy, including money. We all have a relationship and belief system surrounding money, i.e. our money stories. For those of us who desire to navigate money with ease and joy, but know there is conditioning in our lives that are keeping us from approaching money in a spirit of ease, this conversation with coach Melanie Phillips gives you the 411 on how to understand your money story, and to begin to re-frame your money dynamics. If you wonder, what it would feel like to joyfully pay a bill, buy someone dinner, book a holiday, or raise your rates without any guilt or shame but in celebration, then take a read of this Q&A with Melanie Phillips below or listen to our conversation on the podcast.

How can we heal our relationship with money, our finances and our ability to receive with ease + joy?

Melanie Phillips: There are many layers to our money stories. Our relationship to money is tied into our relationship with the Creator/Source/Universe, which is essentially an energy. 

What I know now is that the healing of our relationship with the energy of money is the healing of our relationship with the Divine. 

We all get programmed around money. We hear stories like ‘you need to work really hard to make money’ or ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ and these stories can create obstacles to how we show up and relate to money in the world, on top of our own experiences with money. I struggled for many years on the material plane, because I picked up the message that money wasn’t important or good, and that I shouldn’t be attached to it. 

When we begin to look at our subconscious stories around money, we can begin to shift and align with the energy not just of money, but of abundance. Until we understand the subconscious beliefs we’re holding, it’s impossible to shift. 

For example, we may think we want lots of money and abundance but if there’s an unconscious belief that we aren’t worthy to receive, then there’s a tug of war going on in the energy we put out. 

At the foundation of our money stories is one single belief: What do you believe about the Creator, or Life. Do you believe you’re in a loving, abundant universe or not? Do you see life as abundant or difficult/challenging? Do you see the experiences, the things, the people in your life as abundant gifts from life itself or as challenges you’ve had to struggle for? Until we enter into harmony with our relationship with Life itself, we’re going to be struggling with the energy of money. 

Our “Money stories” carry an imprint that impacts us on all levels: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. How do we really tune into what our ‘money story’ is and enter into abundance in the form of sacred wealth?

MP: The best way to identify our relationship with money is to notice how we feel about money in our day to day lives. Do you contract or feel fear when you have to pay a bill? Do you enjoy spending money when you go out for dinner? Are you always fixated on what you don’t have, on lack, on feelings of scarcity, when it comes to paying your rent or bills? Ask yourself: What is the narrative about money that you have in your life right now. This narrative reflects the deeper energetic signature that is your relationship with wealth and abundance. 

Remember, abundance is defined differently for each of us. For me, it’s health, time, inner freedom, it’s not only about externals like houses and cars and possessions. And, in fact, true abundance is the shift into inner abundance. There are a lot of billionaires living in a vibration of lack and scarcity, afraid of losing what they have. This isn’t abundance. Abundance is not about the numbers in our bank account,  it’s about how each of us feels in our relationship with the energy of money.  

Many of us have areas in our lives where we feel scarcity regarding our finances. How can we weed scarcity mindset out of our belief systems and money stories?

MP: The work I do with people is about heart-set. It’s about the vibration we hold regarding money and abundance, and the related mental constructs and attachments. As humans, we tend to create identities around, and attachments to all things in our lives, which makes us feel like we’re hooking into things outside of ourselves. When we learn to identify these, and begin to shift these, we can learn to get our sense of self from Source, from who we are, and this is when we truly shift into abundance. Then, how we relate to things like money is easy- we’re not using it  to bolster  our identity or sense of beingness. Freedom opens up,  we relax the stress around money, and begin to experience freedom in ways we never knew were possible. On a practical level, our beliefs shift. Ideas like,  ‘it’s ‘me against the world” or ‘I have to do it all on my own’ simply fall away. We can show up to pay a bill with gratitude vs resentment. We begin to appreciate that we ‘get to enjoy’ vs. ‘have to pay’ our hydro, phone bills, mortgage, etc. This process is a recalibration of our relationship with wealth. In healing our deep money stories, we make foundational shifts at the energetic level. In my work, I use ThetaHealing with my clients to support these shifts. 

How does one change their money story and begin to create an energetic signature of wealth? 

MP: To shift into an energetic signature of wealth, we need to access and shift the beliefs we’re holding at the subconscious. This is a process. It’s a process of looking at our beliefs about the practical ways we interact with money, and again, this process is really tied to our sense of self worth. I used to believe that when I charged money for my yoga classes, then I was taking money from students, so they would have less. What I’ve learned is that money isn’t ours, it simply comes through us as a currency, and that we are simply conduits of a supply that flows in and out abundantly if we allow it. So, we don’t need to hold on tight, but open to being a part of the flow of the energy of money, and enjoy all that it brings. Part of this is letting go of even having our sense of self tied to external factors. This is also a process of coming into receivership, and feeling comfortable with receiving. I work with a lot of healers who feel more comfortable giving than receiving. 

Can you share a story of money transformation (with a financially abundant outcome) from one of your clients?

MP: First, I want to say that in my own life, what has made me feel most abundant is embodying the wisdom that my existence alters the very fabric of Universal expression. I am worthy. When I began to define abundance for myself as abundance of time in nature, freedom, and connection, I stepped into that and now live my life in daily abundance, rockclimbing in the summer, skiing in the winter, and prioritizing fun and joy every day. 

The clients I work with, mostly through my Alchemy of Freedom program have had similarly remarkable transformations. Through unravelling unconscious negative thoughts about themselves and what’s truly available to them, I’ve had clients triple their business profits in just a few weeks time, and open up to amazing opportunities like book publishing deals, and speaking engagements that previously weren’t showing up. This work is powerful. I had a client who knew exactly what she wanted to do with her yoga business before we met, but something always came up that stopped her from moving forward. When we began working together, she realized and unravelled her own lack of worth, changing the entire vibration of her life into one that was rooted in wholeness. From this place, she was able to shift into earning the six figures per year that she desired. 


About Melanie Phillips

To dive into coaching or manifestation work with Melanie Phillips, take a look at her 1:1 coaching and her Alchemy of Freedom soul-business coaching program. She also offers a Sacred Wealth program several times each year. Melanie is an inspiring coach, and she’s known for helping people break through barriers and step into aligned success. 

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