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In today’s information overloaded society, our attention is constantly being pulled in many different directions. As the world gets bigger and faster, and technology keeps everything moving at a fast pace, our “to do” lists have gotten longer, stress levels have risen, and time spent slowing down, resting, and recharging has hit an all time low.

While, in the past few years “mental health” has become a common phrase (and it’s easy to see why), the actual key to understanding our health, and metal health, is understanding the layer underneath – that very important system that is deeply tied into all of the systems in the body: our nervous system.

Nervous system health is just as important as mental health, which is why to find inner balance, and healing, we really need to understand both.

How the Brain Works

Experiences, thoughts, and emotions all create different frequencies of electrical signals that originate in the brain, travel through the nervous system, including the heart brain and communicate with every cell in the human body.

Dr. David Hawkins M.D., PhD. in his book “Power vs. Force” explains how he measures the vibrational frequencies of emotions and has created a chart with the scale of emotions, which is explained in detail here.

An interesting thing about our brain is that it interprets the events we are directly experiencing exactly the same as those we’re thinking about.

We have all heard the phrase “laughter is the best medicine” and it truly is! When we are feeling happy and joyful, the electrical signals that are going through our nervous system are at a frequency that helps to heal the body’s tissues and maintain the harmonious balance of communication between the many systems that make up the human body and mind. Positive experiences and positive emotions activate the parasympathetic nervous system state also known as the rest/digest/heal state.

Conversely, if we feel anxious, fearful, overwhelmed, or stressed out, our brain interprets these emotions as a threat to our immediate survival. These emotions activate the “fight/flight” response and send out the corresponding stress hormones. Our brain reacts the same way to our thoughts as it does to our actual experiences. So, for example, whether we are having an argument with our sibling, or thinking about that argument we had with our sibling, the brain sends the exact same signals to the body.

In this we way, we are activating the fight/flight or the rest/digest mode simply by how we think about something, whether it’s something unpleasant or something that brings us feelings of joy and love.

In today’s world, in which many of us are hyper stimulated thanks to media and social media, these virtual events and the associated thoughts are taxing our systems as much as if we were running from a tiger in the jungle. And because we give ourselves little to no down time, our nervous systems are in a cycle of sending out too many stress hormones which weakens the immune system, creates digestive issues, and disrupts sleep cycles. 

While we can help to balance our systems by bringing more awareness to our thoughts, and focusing on emotional states that bring us feeling of love and joy, most of us also need more time to rest and recharge our batteries on a regular basis. “Running on empty” will only take us so far for so long before our health starts to suffer. 

In the BodyIntuitive modality, we call the nervous/immune/endocrine systems the “Communication Triad”. Depending on how we’re feeling, our emotions affect this triad in a positive or negative manner.  Image

Epigenetics: We Can Re-pattern Our Brains + Lives

Our mind and emotions are so powerful that we can rewrite the software programs of our genetic code on a daily basis. Many of us are doing this unconsciously, with ill effects. However, when we undrstand how the brain and emotions interplay, we can take an empowered approach to healing, and to living in our most optimal state. This is one part of the arena of Epigenetics. Having a healthy nervous system that is in rest/digest/heal mode more than 50% of our waking hours is very important to this process.

“Epigenetics teaches that we are not doomed by our genes … we can modify our genetic destiny by turning on the genes we want and turning off the ones we don’t want. A change in human consciousness can produce physical changes, both in structure and function, in the human body.” — Dr. Joe Dispenza.

A BodyIntuitive Technique To Reset The Nervous System

Here, I”m sharing one of the most powerful techniques I use with my clients to help them repattern and calibrate towards a more balanced state. Please grab a pen and paper, you will need it! Try it for a week and let me know how it goes!

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