If you’ve ever read The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel van der Kolk, or the Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, then you already know that there’s a growing body of research demonstrating that our bodies are the record keepers of our emotional lives. This isn’t fringe info, anymore. Our state of mind is directly reflected in the health of our cellular makeup.

Which is exactly why body-based healing modalities like BodyTalk and BodyIntuitive are predicted to be growing in popularity this year. 

In a previous article, I wrote about my experience trying BodyTalk with Güliz Ünlü, which proved to bring incredible insights that stayed with me all year. Very recently, I’ve become acquainted with sister modality, BodyIntuitive, and had chance to try a session with practitioner Jonalyn Greene. I was very surprised by what came through – my body said things I wasn’t expecting to hear (details below!). 

In this article, I explain what BodyIntuitive is, how it works and what you expect from a BodyIntuitive session. Enjoy!

What Is BodyIntuitive

In the BodyIntuitive system, the practitioner uses an energetic, intuitive scan of the whole mind and body to decode or unlock the “stories” and all the experiences that we have had from past lives, our present life and right up to this moment. This scan exposes what lies behind any symptoms that are revealed, and provides a healing roadmap that brings explicit directions to help each person heal. 

Created by Dr. Laura Stuvé, a molecular biologist and Dr. Janet Galipo, a Classical Chinese Medicine doctor, a BodyIntuitive practitioner uses neuromuscular biofeedback in their scanning process. Also known as muscle testing, this process allows the practitioner to connect with their own intuitive guidance to bring to light what the client’s body wishes to communicate for healing. 

In this process, any imbalances or issues are revealed, and BodyIntuitive practitioners are trained to integrate a combination of meridian-balancing and acupoints to rejuvenate and repair the body. They also work with the organ energy systems and vital body substances to support healing. 

BodyIntuitive leverages a scientific understanding of the mind-body connection together with the energy balancing wisdom of Classical Chinese medicine, epigenetics, the microbiome, as well as vedic, shamanic and ancestral modalities, which together can holistically support the body’s wealth of healing possibilities. This study by Dr. Galipo and Dr. Stuvé explains the mind-body connection and the healing potential of this modality, and you can learn more about BodyIntuitive as a whole on this website

What A BodyIntuitive Session Revealed

In my session with Jonalyn Greene, I was surprised by what my body communicated. The key message that came through was that I need to let go of the belief that ‘I’m not doing enough.” Honestly, I didn’t like this message. I thought I had let that old story go already.

The session lasted about one hour, and Jonalyn’s approach included energy healing, and tapping, along with the BodyIntuitive methodology of scanning the body for information, using muscle testing and the practitioner’s own structured Intuition. 

As Jonalyn explained, “whatever is going on emotionally in our lives creates chemicals; when we don’t fully process our emotions, these chemicals get stuck in our physical body in ways that disrupt the many communication pathways in the body. Over time, these blocks create our symptoms.” 

“When we want to upgrade to more optimal health, we need to return to the body, to the source, where all possibilities for our health, and lives, exist.” – Jonalyn Green, BodyIntuitive Practitioner

Holding the belief: “I’m not trying hard enough” along with a stuck emotion of worry, was affecting my liver on both the physical and energetic levels. Jonalyn explained that sometimes we do not agree with what we hear about beliefs when they come up and that this isn’t our conscious mind speaking- it’s the subconscious mind or the body that is bringing the belief to the surface to be released. In other words, it doesn’t really matter if it’s a subconscious or conscious belief; whatever arises is asking to be released.  

In my case, there also was an energetic blockage at one of my chakras which was being affected by my thoughts and feelings around how I was managing my work/life balance. Using tapping around the head, the heart space and abdomen, we activated my body’s innate healing mechanisms which created energy healing to support my body to clear the energy around my second chakra, my liver, to let go of that specific belief. 

At the end of the session, Jonalyn gave me some homework with detailed instructions to use a Chinese meridian point on a point on my leg which she explained is the point that strengthens the body’s Qi (Chi/energy) and blood (called ST 36 or Stomach 36) which is part of the stomach meridian. This point is one of the most effective points in the Chinese meridian system. Stimulating this point helped to support my liver, by giving it extra energy and blood to help my body to continue to release the stuck emotion of worry and the energy around the belief that I was ready to let go of. 

According to the BodyIntuitive approach, it usually takes approximately 24-48 hours for the body and mind to integrate new energetic and healing frequencies, once they’re “tapped in”. I felt an incredible lightness in my body, and for the following few days, continued to sense an ongoing release of that old belief. For anyone who’s curious to tap into the intelligence of your own body, and subconscious mind, this is a remarkable modality to support deep healing. Jonalyn believes that each person is ultimately their own healer, so expect to be empowered in each session to take an active role in the transformation that unfolds! 

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Jonalyn is a compassionate, down-to earth guide, who has supported many on their journey to true healing. Book a session or series of sessions with Jonalyn here, and/or explore her upcoming workshops to learn more about BodyIntuitive and get a sense of her approach. You can also find her at @truehealingpotential.

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What is your body trying to tell you? A BodyIntuitive scan will reveal the emotional stories manifesting as physical symptoms plus much more!