The following article on Bodytalk is a Q&A between Monica Krake, founder of Head + Heart and Güliz Ünlü, who’s been trained in Bodytalk, Equine Therapy and is now a Linking Awareness practitioner.

Through Head + Heart, I’ve explored many unique healing and wellness modalities: BodyTalk might just be the most unique and mysterious modality I’ve tried and love.

What is Bodytalk?

BodyTalk is a holistic approach to healing, based on proven principles of energy medicine. The body is a complex ecosystem with a delicate balance between physiological biochemical functions, emotional and mental interactions, environmental influences, and hereditary and genetic restrictions. The technique of BodyTalk helps to synchronize the body’s natural functions – to achieve and maintain healing and growth on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I’ve done several BodyTalk sessions in 2020 and along the way discovered Güliz Ünlü, formerly a BodyTalk practitioner who now uses a modality called Linking Awareness which includes Animal Communications. She also specializes in Equine therapy through her company, Güliz uses an intuition-based process to help you connect with the energy of your body’s innate wisdom to bring about clarity, healing and direction, drawing in part on the Observer Effect.

Here, I’m sharing my experience (and results!) from doing a session with Guliz, and a little more about how this modality works. 

How does Bodytalk Work?

Güliz Ünlü explains it like this: The Bodytalk practitioner’s innate wisdom connects with your body’s innate wisdom on the quantum plane, and through the observer effect – the conscious awareness of you AND the practitioner – your own innate wisdom surfaces and healing happens. The result? According to Güliz and many others, big shifts can happen, often immediately. As she explains, “Our beliefs are fucking powerful. As untrue belief systems crumble, we are free and energized to move forward in our lives in powerful ways. Energetically, we’re free to attract the situations that are a better match for our soul. I’ve seen people buy houses, sell houses, change jobs, and get new opportunities almost immediately.” 

Bodytalk is really a process of deep connection with nature, as the practitioner has learned to expand their awareness into all of their senses: their sense of vision, of smell, of taste, and touch. As a practitioner enters into a session, she’ll go into a zone where all of the senses are wide open, she’ll get permission from your innate to access your core being, and together you’ll see what’s revealed. 

My Experience with Bodytalk

I booked a session with Güliz looking for clarity around how best to manage Head + Heart. As you know, I’ve recently launched the directory as an addition to the wellness events platform. I had been wanting clarity around a more ease-ful business model. Honestly, I was feeling exhausted and knew I needed to shift things but wasn’t sure how. 

Güliz began her process by asking my body to reveal belief systems that were causing blocks in my energy and life, and preventing me from the ease I wanted. Through her bodytalk and linking awareness process, she immediately perceived messages from my adrenals and ovaries, relaying to me that stress caused by my belief systems was blocking my creativity. (In women, the ovaries represent our seeds of creativity.) 

She told me that the aspect of myself that’s in stress mode is limiting the ability of my system to form new perceptions and ideas. Being so attached to my own ideas of how things should be was keeping me from the ease I truly wanted. Yup.

Güliz then got more specific and shined a light on the beliefs I’ve inherited from my father – around striving and working hard as prescriptions for success. Through a process of listening to my body, and hearing my own beliefs spoken out loud, some powerful truths came to the surface in our session. 

The biggest revelation was that, while I created Head + Heart as a place to nurture souls and spirits, a deeper part of me actually wants to be a space holder, to step into helping others release their blocks and find freedom. I had heard this message months earlier from Intuitive Seer, Corrina Choe, and hearing it again in this space, helped me shift forward with greater clarity, and I’m continuing to see the shifts unfold in real ways.

Creating Space for Truth

Ultimately, we need to give ourselves permission to feel, see, absorb, and move through whatever it is that our soul is ready to step into. That’s a clear message I received from the Bodytalk session with Güliz. While being in a safe session, like this one, was extremely clarifying, ultimately, we are each our own healers. Others can point the way, but we give the permission to our own heart and soul to step into or drop into the wisdom each of us carries within. Here are five key takeaways from my experience with Bodytalk.

My 5 Takeaways from Bodytalk

  • Your permission is the key to change. Whatever it is you’re longing for in life, you need to give yourself permission to step into, in the deepest way possible. So, in your meditation, breath, prayer or contemplative practice, check in with your body, with your soul, with your beliefs, with your energy, to give each of these systems permission to allow the change and shifts you’re seeking. 
  • Don’t underestimate the power of observation. Whatever is in your field that hasn’t been able to access you, once observed in a bodytalk session – and sometimes even in a deep conversation with a close friend- can then be accessed. 
  • Belief systems are fucking powerful. When they change, immediate shifts are possible. They can happen fast if meant to. 
  • Expect miracles. When you allow them, they can happen. 
  • Discern between what your Ego wants, and what the real Truth is asking for. One way to do this is to ask God or the Universe: what can I do for you in this moment? What do you want of me? This question, asked with sincerity, can help bring you back in alignment. 

If you’d like to explore Bodytalk or animal communications, you can learn more about Güliz’s work on her Instagram and over on her website.


BodyTalk is a holistic approach to healing, based on proven principles of energy medicine. Learn more about what is bodytalk and how bodytalk works!