Written by H+H Founder, Monica Krake.

Ready to deepen your intuition and get more clarity in your life, maybe around a specific challenge or question? Read on. In this article, I’m sharing the energy healing guides that have most helped me cultivate my intuition, clear stuck energy, and find clarity. 

Intuition is the knowing of your deepest wisdom. The kind of knowing that comes from beyond thoughts, emotions, conditioning, fear and Ego. In the flow of being a human, accessing our deepest knowing doesn’t always *feel* available. When emotions take over, our intuition can seem very far away. And that’s ok. Part of learning to access our intuition is learning to hold space for ourselves in the process, without judgment.

If you’ve never tried energy healing or intuitive work, you’re in the right spot. A few years back, I found myself searching up ‘energy healing near me’ and then got discouraged because I didn’t know anything about the people who were popping up and I had a couple of bad sessions with people who seemed like they were just trying to sell stuff. And that’s exactly why we created this guide. Since that time, I’ve tried many energy healing sessions, and have put together the following round up of the energy healing guides that have been most supportive, and have helped me access my own intuition in profound ways. Whether you want to simply know what this modality could offer you or whether you’re looking for a referral for an energy healer to work with 1:1, here are five energy healers and intuitive guides I’d highly recommend.

Corrina Choe | Intuitive Seer

A while back, Corrina shared an article explaining that every single person is surrounded by spirit guides and a whole network of support. I love this idea but it’s not something I’ve personally felt. That said, last year, I booked a virtual ceremonial and energy medicine session with Corrina to see what direction might come through as I prepared to re-launch Head + Heart. Corrina acts as a go-between, relaying messages that your Spirit Guides want you to know. In our session she shared a ton of helpful and practical guidance, including that “I would be a luminous practitioner” and that the practice I would do involved a ‘wave’. I recoiled at the time, as I was in business planning mode, couldn’t see myself as a practitioner, and just wanted some concrete info on my immediate business plans. But I also immediately *knew* there was truth there. Her words resonated, I just wasn’t quite ready for them. Fast forward to two years later: I’ve taken several conscious connected breathwork training programs, one of which was with an organization called Breathwave! I’ve also begun offering 1:1 guided breathwork sessions and have launched a breathwork program called The Ceremony. When I met with Corrina, I didn’t ever see myself heading down the practitioner path, but as my own soul calling opened up, the sesisons with Corrina gave me a ton of assurance to step into a new direction, knowing that I’m supported in ways I don’t even fully understand.

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Maria Muñoz | Intuitive Coach + Energy Healer

We’re often told to “follow our intuition,” but it can be hard to know how to actually put it into practice. Especially if we don’t have any examples. Working with Maria has shown me what an authentic connection to our intuition truly looks like. Both in the way she models it herself, and in the way she teaches it to others. Creating validation is also really important to Maria, since proof is key for developing trust in our intuition. This is especially helpful for those of us who might be on the more skeptical side, and why Maria is someone I would highly recommend to any friends who’d normally give spirituality the side-eye. Maria weaves energy healing and intuitive development together in the most magical ways.

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Angela Prider | Folk Medicine Practitioner

What I learned from Angela is that journeying is not that weird. It’s a foundational part of many, many cultures beyond North America. At the time I did my first session with Angela, I had a few walls up about journeying in general. However, she showed me how an animistic journey into the realm of our soul helps expand our consciousness and even tap into massive amounts of intuition and creativity. She explained how soul loss works and how it relates to anxiety. The combination of music, intention setting, and a held space to just let go are a birthright, according to Angela and I totally agree. Allowing yourself to receive at a soul level IS a huge part of the healing that happens in a journey. She reminded me that the Spirit world is one world and we’re all a part of it. 

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Jaime Zajac | Cosmic Channel + Guide

Jaime’s got a profound gift, and it’s unlike anything else I’ve experienced. Sometimes we just don’t know how much internal treasure we possess until we meet someone who knows how to mine it. Jaime is able to not only channel the guides and interdimensional light beings who are available to support us on this planet, but she does it in a way that reminds you of your innate gifts, and your unique soul purpose. For those who are interested in connecting with the Pleidians, Ascended Masters, and Celestial Councils, Jaime is the guide for you.

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Margo Dalinghaus | Multidimensional Energy Healing

After being gifted a session with Margo, which I booked during a particularly emotional time, I was blown away by how much my energy and perspective shifted during one single session. Margo’s sessions begin by inviting a discussion of what’s going on/what needs support, and then she moves into tuning into the places that are energetically stuck and why, before taking you through a guided breathing + visualizations, all the while explaining the patterns she’s helping to clear and where they’ve come from (beliefs, upbringing, ancestors, etc.). Margo’s sessions are incredibly clarifying. My last session with Margo helped me to see where I can strengthen my boundaries in all aspects of life.

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We hope this article inspires and supports you. Truth is: All the wisdom you’re seeking is within. Sometimes we need help with perspective, and that’s where having a great guide, or in this case, energy healing support, comes in. Whether you’re looking to learn more about energy medicine, or if would like a trusted referral explore our curated directory of wellness guides.


Here are 5 Energy Healing Guides we recommend. If you're searching up 'energy healing near me, you're in the right place.