Corrina Choe

Corrina Choe

Corrina is an Intuitive Medicine Seer, Holistic Integrative Energy Medicine practitioner and initiated Shamanic healer.She is dedicated to helping lightworkers and healers discover their unique Superpowers aka their medicine, so they can help others to take control of their overall wellness.Corrina offers private healing ceremonies, Spirit Sessions, and Mentorship.
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Spirit Vision Sessions

Each Spirit Vision Session offers deep personal guidance at a soul level. You’ll receive a personal report that will include messages from your Spirit Guides, information about the Energy Field influencing you the most and how to work with that energy, Deep Healing and Cleansing, plus a little homework. For anyone seeking clarity on their path, these sessions will help you access deep intuitive guidance. Price: $99/30 min session for Head + Heart community. Email Corrina using the CODE: 'Luminous' to book a session.

Shamanic Initiation into Ceremony Medicine

This empowering series provides you with practices to activate your intuitive senses, clear your energy channels, and connect to your Spirit Guidance. You will learn ceremonies for healing the body, the soul, and connecting with Spirit. You'll learn how to lead ceremonies for others.
I recently had the pleasure of participating in the Shamanic Cleansing course offered by Corrina over 2 Saturday mornings.As a Shaman myself, this was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. The curriculum for the"workshop was thoroughly prepared and organized and also highly guided by spirit. Corinna is a highly gifted Shaman, healer, and teacher. She is knowledgeable, caring, patient and so open, and giving with her teachings. I felt like I ended the workshop with a year's worth of knowledge and teachings. Although I was in Calgary and she in Toronto, the distance did not matter at all. I could feel her guidance and mentorship from across the country. If you are interested in receiving healing or attending one of her workshops or sessions please do not hesitate. You have found the very right healer at Mamma Miracles.


Corrina was born to teach others how to bring their medicine powers forward. The training was sooo much more than I had hoped for.I’m incredibly thankful for this certification because in addition to deepening my own spiritual healing, as a Grief Healer I’ve learned new techniques and rituals that will allow my clients to reach new connections with their inner selves, heal their soul, release their most painful secrets and feel empowered. My energy has shifted into a whole new realm. I am forever grateful to you.


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