Written by Monica Krake, founder of Head + Heart

For anyone who’s suffered chronic pain, mysterious skin conditions, anxiety, an autoimmune disease, or any health issue that western medicine has not been able to resolve, chances are you’ve turned to less mainstream options. But have you ever considered taking a bit of a shortcut and seeking the guidance of a Medical Medium or Medical Intuitive? 

In the summer, I kept getting a strange vibration (like a tremor) in my body. I went to the doctor, did some tests, got bloodwork, tried Energy Healing, saw a Chiro and none of these brought me a concrete answer to my particular condition. Through asking around to my network, I ended up connecting with a Medical Medium named Lea Morrison. Take a peak at he medical medium Instagram account here.

What is a medical medium?

A medical medium is someone who has the psychic ability to scan your body, and see where exactly in your body imbalances or disease exist.

Lea, it turned out, is not only gifted with medical intuition but is also an energy healer, mindfulness teacher and trauma-informed coach. In a session with Lea, she diagnosed not only what she saw in my physical body, but also how it related to my energetic and spiritual states of being. This was such an insightful experience that I wanted to share it here, for anyone else who’s curious about visiting a medical medium. For me, it was a very helpful shortcut to getting medical support. Take a read of my Q&A with Lea Morrison below and send me a note if you have any questions. 

Head + Heart: To give people a sense of who you are, can you share a little about your own path to healing from severe trauma and how it’s impacted the trauma-informed approach you take to energy healing + medical mediumship? 

Lea Morrison: 13 years ago I struggled with undiagnosed chronic pain & a serious mental illness called Conversion Disorder that resulted in 20+seizures a day. I was heavily medicated, depressed, and accused of acting out for attention. It was hell.

This trauma-induced illness resulted from my first 20 years of life, which was riddled in physical & emotional abuse, but most significantly, by sexual abuse at the hands of nine separate men, one being my grandfather until I was approximately 8 years old.

Then I had my own children. Both of my babies almost died their first year of life. My first born was premature (2 lbs), my second was vaccine injured and I’ve had two miscarriages.

With all of this experiential trauma, decades of it, I’ve become an advocate of trauma-informed therapy and coaching. I started as a Reiki Healer, opened up my own practice to support others, and trauma-informed coaching immediately became a part of my offerings. My gift of medical intuition evolved from there. 

Head + Heart: How did you come to know you had the gift, that you were a medical medium?

LM: Through working with people to offer energy healing and coaching, I started to actually see and feel what was moving through their bodies. Intuitively, I would receive a knowing of what was happening in their bodies that needed support. When I put my hands on their body, the trauma would surface and through this energy work, my medical mediumship was activated, as I began to clearly see what was happening in their bodies in a 4D way. More so, I was able to know the subconscious belief or feeling that kept the imbalance alive in the body. 

The coaching, energy healing and mediumship, it turned out, work together as they are all a tapestry of the entire journey to healing. For the cients that I work with, this has allowed me to speak in a way that doesn’t cause harm and help them move into a new way of living. 

Sometimes Western medicine doesn’t have readily available answers to the questions that can/are creating discomfort within the body.  With the ability to see inside the body, I pick up on cues that your energy speaks through, and can provide alternative reasons for your affliction, offering direction you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Head + Heart: Can you share a story about a patient or two who you’ve diagnosed and supported using Medical Mediumship?

LM: I had a client who got quite ill. I kept seeing significant inflammation and a virus moving through her brain leading me to a message that she had the Epstein Barr Virus on steroids. I shared this with her for years, and she finally found physicians to test her properly for Epstein Barr, therefore being diagnosed with Celiac disease with neurological symptoms, which was brought on by EB virus. 

Another example is a client of mine who was having chronic bladder infections. I advised her to get tested for interstitial cystitis and to go see a urologist. After examination, it turns out, she did in fact have a disease of the bladder which included many ulcers and lesions.

I want to emphasize that I ALWAYS urge my clients to prove me wrong. Always be an advocate for your own health and think for yourself. I advise people to see a doctor as well as exploring alternative treatments. Ultimately, my approach is to teach people to take control of their own life and health. The word of any intuitive should not be taken as gospel (i.e. always get a second opinion).

How does a medical medium work?

LM: Before each medical mediumship session begins, I do a pre-diagnosis. I take a meditative journey, following the energy lines within the body from the top of the head down to the tips of the toes. Through this energetic scan, I am directed to where the body is either leaking or storing energy and where it originated from. 

During a reading, I look right through you, paying attention to how energy moves through the different parts of your body. What happens next is that energy will light up, and call me to a specific area.

My process is to use this energetic lens to do a full body scan. As I scan the entire body, I get stopped and drawn to any specific areas that need help or support and why. For example, if your jaw is out of alignment, I’ll also intuit the emotion, the spiritual reasons, and the mental reason that are perpetuating any misalignments. Whichever comes first is what’s most prominent. For a second I’ll actually feel the misalignment in my own body, which confirms what it is. 

Once the root of any symptoms has been discovered, I am then provided with alternative options that your body will respond to effectively for seeking treatment. I’m a shortcut if you will!

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For anyone curious about medical mediumship, Lea offers 1:1 sessions and also includes monthly group medical mediumship Q&A’s as part of her Lea Morrison Membership, a beautiful membership community that offers weekly wellness supports including yoga, movement, mindfulness, breathwork, group coaching + group medical mediumship sessions – where you can ask your questions in the chat, and she tunes into your energy to offer specific guidance. Follow her medical medium instagram account here. I’ve personally joined one of these group chats, and got excellent guidance related to my nervous system!


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