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Lea Morrison

Lea Morrison

As a trauma-informed coach that incorporates vibrational healing, mindfulness & meditation into self-care instruction, Lea's ability to see the unseen, to explain the un-felt and to reach into the root of what is holding you back is unparalleled within the healing community. Whether you are working through chronic pain, disease or dis-ease such as depression, anxiety, thought patterns or limiting belief systems, Lea shares valuable tools that create dramatic transformations in all areas of your life.

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Medical Mediumship

Sometimes western medicine doesn’t have readily available answers to the small questions that can/are creating discomfort within the body. They know HOW to apply the proper testing, but oftentimes need direction from your symptoms and not all withstand the ‘generalized’ testing available. With the ability to see inside the body, I pick up on cues that your energy speaks through, and can provide alternative reasons for your affliction, providing direction you wouldn’t otherwise have. I’m a shortcut if you will.

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1:1 Sessions

In these 60-90 minute sessions, you have the option of having trauma-informed coaching, vibrational healing, meditation, stress-management techniques and so much more. One hour of combined healing, resets your direction and allows you the space to actively listen to your own self, creating a more cohesive, compassionate response within life.

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8 Week Vibrational Healing Program

An intensive program combining the modalities of vibrational healing and trauma-informed coaching, mindfulness and self-care techniques that will move you through old thought patterns, limited beliefs, trauma-responses and mindset. This program is designed to remind you of who you are underneath the stories of pain, establishing a higher sense of connection to your own self, drastically transforming your life in every aspect from love to family, friends and career.

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Lea’s guidance and tools are an integral part of my personal development. My heart swells for this woman! The work of intuitive arts is expressed in so many beautiful ways when Lea is working with clients. It’s hard to fully express the sensations that come about my body when I have a session with Lea, all I know is that earth angels do exist – Lea Morrison is one of them.

Madison Desjarlais

To spend even a day working with Lea is exhausting in the very best way. I’m going to laugh my ass off, I’m going to be silent, I’m going to dance and lay still, I’m going to cry, I’m going to say things I thought I never would, I will feel relief, I will feel frustration, I’m going to be pissed off, I will say all the swear words and I will pray. Lea can and will take you through it ALL unabashedly with no doubt for fear. Lea isn’t afraid to share her story. She emboldens me in being unafraid to share mine. She’s an amazing individual.

Lisa Park