Intro by Monica Krake with astrological insights by Susan Horning

This is our very first astrology guide here on Head + Heart. 

A few months ago, I had a full Destiny Analysis with Susan Horning, and was blown away by what she forecast in my life. Several of her predictions were extremely detailed (we had never met before) and one of them was immediate: She told me I would have a dispute with the website developer I had been working with, and that I should ask for a discount. That happened on the same day (eee!!). She also spoke about the big picture life patterns that are shifting, and what I can expect in the next few years.

With Chinese New Year coming up on February 12, many are wondering how the planets will affect the coming year and what to expect astrologically. Here, Sue shares a list of the ways the Year of the Metal Ox aka 2021 will affect our collective energies and life patterns.

If you want more detailed insights on the Year of the Metal Ox, sign up for Sue’s upcoming Chinese New Year Forecast happening February 13. Sign up here! 

Astrological Predictions for 2021

  • Collectively, yang energy is changing to yin energy. 2020 was a yang year, but we’re now coming into a yin year in 2021. This means the energy of the year will have more qualities of yin (inward, gentleness, tranquility) and much less yang than we saw in 2020 (outward, expressive, aggressive).
  • The element of ‘yin metal’ represents beauty, refinement, and precision.  This is a year when it’s favourable for us to attune to these elements in our lives, and enjoy the abundance represented by such things as a piece of jewelry, a coin, the stars in the sky, and feelings of beauty and sadness
  • The Ox animal sign is hard working, solitary, financially responsible, detail-oriented and reliable. For everyone, this year is an invitation to understand and to harness the favourable actions you can take in your own life by embracing the qualities of the Ox. A question to ask yourself: Where in your life can you become more hard working, reliable or financially responsible? The momentum of this year will support your efforts.
  • How does this year fit into the greater age of our planet?  This year, we are at the beginning of a new age (age 9),  based on the traditional ‘ming gua’ system which dictates favourable industries, activities, and even body parts!  Age 9 is also associated with the eyes (what we see), as well as beauty, demonstration, popularity, and happy events. So, yes we will gather together again soon!!
  • Who is favoured this year? Those born in the year of the Rat, Snake and Rooster will have an active year, and the Horse may have a surprisingly good year, if they can learn to forgive and move forward.
  • Who is unfavoured this year?  Lots of change is coming for those born in the year of the Sheep, so it could be a challenging year for these folks.
  • How does Feng Shui work? In Feng Shui, the astrology of the person lines up with the astrology of the home.  As humans, we are a reflection of our environment, and our environment is a reflection of us! This year, it’s time to pay attention to your home and how it affects you, and to make any necessary changes.

If you want to understand your own four pillars, the animals and elements associated with this ancient Chinese divination technique, try this Four Pillars calculator designed by Susan. It goes well with the Conscious Manifestation guide we created here.

Learn more about Susan’s astrology work and Destiny Analysis readings. Warning: she’s booked up pretty far in advance!

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