The words ‘conscious’ and ‘manifestation’ seem to be coming together a lot in different wellness worlds these days. It seems that many of us are shifting away from the belief that we must sacrifice a lot and work very hard to achieve our dreams. A new belief is emerging: It’s possible to bring our dreams into reality with ease.

If you ask the average person what they want more of in life, most people say they want more happiness, money and freedom. And greater meaning and purpose. If we’re killing ourselves to arrive at our end goals, we’ll end up manifesting stress and anxiety instead of the peace, purpose and joy we ultimately want for ourselves and others – which is why approaching our dreams with ease, is key.

But how can we surrender, and still have the things we want come into our lives? Are we really meant to dream and then, as Wayne Dyer instructs, “let go of the outcome”?

Dyer explains that his approach changed over the years. Instead of focusing on getting what he wanted, he began to ask “How can I serve?”. He stopped worrying about how he looked or how it was going to go, and came back to the question, “How can I serve?”

Eckhart Tolle explains it something like this: The state of consciousness we bring to anything we do is what determines its outcome. (Eckhart has just put out a free mini course on this topic.) He teaches that in order for any human to manifest our truest dreams, we need to learn to continuously return to the present moment, which is where all the magic happens.

Jeannie Zandi, another beautiful teacher, explains it a little differently: “Rather than the idea of “manifest the life you want”, I come from a different point of view which is to allow the separate self, the Ego, to yield to the life the Holy wants to create through us. So, instead of mastering the life we want, it’s much more about stepping out of the way for the divine design to be.”

Michael Singer, who teaches about surrender in his books, offers this: “You will eventually catch on that you have to distance yourself from your psyche. You do this by setting the direction of your life when you’re clear. And not letting the wavering mind deter you. Your will is stronger than the habit of listening to that voice. There’s nothing you can’t do.”

All of these teachers are saying we need to be quiet enough to listen to our Higher self, because anything truly worth manifesting comes from that quiet place of guidance within. Self acceptance is central here. We need to be kind to our messy human selves along the way. Those inner children may need extra attention, especially if we’re truly pursuing a dream that we’ve had for many years. Shadow work can help you get clear.

For anyone looking for a less aggressive, more conscious approach to manifestation, here are some wise and directive words from two teachers I love:

Tips for Conscious Manifestation

C A R M E N  G A N N E  |  B R E A T H W O R K  T E A C H E R

“Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. As you shift your internal state, your outer circumstances will shift to match it. The gift of this human experience graces you with the ability to be empowered and embodied, exercising radical self-responsibility and sovereignty. And what all this means is that YOU are the one you have been waiting for. The power to create and manifest rests within you. So, to really see sustainable shifts in your life, to open up to receiving more abundance in love, health, wealth and connection, you first must make the authentic choice to fully receive all that’s here for you. This is what is meant by “getting out of your own way”. To believe you are worthy of a new way forward requires reconciling those places within you that may still be vibrating in scarcity, lack or fear. But where to start? The simple answer is to show up with fierce dedication to those daily practices that connect and align you with whatever your own understanding of universal energy/oneness is. Not because they are the answer or you’ll get something specific from them, but because when you’re aligned within yourself and connected to an energy that is greater than you, you’ll receive guidance. The support you need will drop in and the way forward will become clear. Let it be easy. Choose yourself and your dreams every day by showing up to your personal practice and watch as things unfold sweeter than you could have ever imagined.”

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A N G E L A  P R I D E R | S H A M A N I C  T E A C H E R

“When we are ready to bring our dreams to life, perhaps the most important piece is to have your fan club in place! When we are preparing to take a risk, doubts will come up, so surrounding ourselves with friends and family who remind us who and what we really are is key. We can do anything when we have the right support. 

Next, create a ritual to support your dreams + goals. Take your vision for your dream- whatever it may be- and either create a collage or a sketch. Make it as specific as possible. As you do this, notice what doubts and emotional obstacles come up from the subconscious and add those to the creation. Once the whole thing is complete, burn it and send the whole vision to the Universe. This is a very powerful way of letting go of the outcome so that the Universe can potentially bring something even more powerful that we’ve envisioned. Why add the subconscious fears or obstacles to this? I suggest doing this to let the Universe know that you’re becoming conscious of these areas and are working towards their transformation. Absolutely everything in this human reality has a shadow, so it’s important to acknowledge and be conscious of these shadows, because once they are transformed, they’ll bring even more energy to support the manifestation of the vision.”

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If you’re ready to give yourself the practices you need to help your beautiful mind come into alignment with your deeper wisdom, here are three meditations that will give you a boost. We’ve also created this Wellness Quiz to help connect you with some personal tips and practices to support your wellness.

Written by Monica, founder of Head + Heart