Energy healing takes all forms. If you’re curious how Energy Healing might be able to support your physical or emotional healing, we recently interviewed Intuitive Energy Healer, Amelie St-Pierre, who spoke with us about how she supports clients to release old blocks, and move forward on their healing journeys.

Note: Amelie is the first to say: This really only works for those who are ready and open to being deeply honest with themselves. Nobody can do your spiritual work for you. That said, we all need support at times, and there is a place to receive a boost in order to move forward on our journeys. Here are five gifted energy healers we’d like to introduce you to:

Amelie St-Pierre / Intuitive Energy Healer

We just interviewed Amelie, so you can read about her gifts here. In a nutshell, she’s an Intuitive Energy Healer based in British Columbia, who specializes in clearing stagnant, stuck energies, in a way that helps her clients gain the perspective needed to move forward with greater clarity and intuition. Like with all healing, you need to be ready and willing to face what is blocked in your own emotional and energetic bodies to experience deep transformation.


Maria Muñoz  / Energy + Spiritual + Intuitive Coach

Maria holds a space for her clients to experience both energy healing and expansion. She helps people reconnect with their own spiritual tools and abilities. Each experience is guided by Spirit bringing in what is necessary for the soul, from Reiki to breath work to sound healing. Maria is known for helping people feel empowered to trust themselves and to release what they’ve struggled with in the past.


Vanessa Wolf | Shaman, Empath, Intuitive

Vanessa offers shamanic healing, intuitive readings and coaching for anyone who wants to explore their own healing and learn tools to help them express their gifts and authentic selves in the world. She offers a supportive space where clients can do the work and begin to transform their lives. She’s helped people heal trauma, family and generational imprints, soul loss, self-sabotage, and fear-based beliefs.


Cindy Stockdale | Intuitive Energy Teacher

Cindy’s call is to create a strong, loving space for others so that they may unveil their deepest truths and then reflect these back to them so they may rise. With training in yoga and shamanism, she loves understanding how Astrology, ancestry and the soul’s purpose all interact with one another to create the stage for which this transformation takes place.


Bill + Patricia Clum / Emotional + Energetic Healing

Bill + Patricia are dedicated to supporting the opening of human hearts and minds to their true, unlimited potential for love. A husband-wife team, they offer support via group and individual sessions. For those looking for emotional and energetic healing, we recommend Bill + Patricia, as they have a true gift to hold space, with deep honesty, to help clients name and release what is tangled up in the heart, receive energetic healing, and move forward with clarity and wholeness.