With all that’s going on in the world, our nervous systems and our emotional bodies are making themselves known more loudly than usual. But what about the more subtle energy of our energetic bodies? According to experts, we are all surrounded by an energetic body that spans out above us, and all around us, and greatly impacts our wellbeing. This is the realm of subtle energy and it impacts the way we feel and how we navigate life.

In this Q&A, we reached out to Amelie St-Pierre, an Intuitive Energy Healer based in British Columbia, who specializes in clearing stagnant, stuck, suble energy, in a way that helps her clients gain the perspective needed to move forward with greater clarity and intuition.

Enjoy this Q&A. If it leaves you with any questions or curiosities, send us a note! 

Head + Heart: How does energy healing work, and how do you work with subtle energy?

Amelie St-Pierre: There are many different types subtle energy and ways of clearing energy using energy healing. Some, like Reiki, add frequencies to your energy body to help balance and sooth. What I do with Intuitive Energy Healing is to remove the non-beneficial stagnant energy out of the system, by entering into the subtle realms.

H+H: Why do people usually come to you for energetic healing, and what does a typical session look like?

ASP: People come for so many different reasons. They’re at a point where they’re tired of feeling stuck. They may have tried different kinds of conventional approaches to support their well being that haven’t provided the results they were hoping for. But they also kind of know there’s something deeper in their system. They intuitively sense a need for support with their ‘subtle energy’ though they may not use the term. The way I work is to communicate directly with the body, which shows me the layers that need to be released and worked on. I work on peeling back layers, one at a time. I am only able to see what people are ready to look at and work through. What most often creates these energy patterns/stagnancy in the body is when we feel a strong judgment about an emotion or about ourselves for feeling a certain way.

The judgment that we attach to emotions or ways of being creates a sort of veil that makes it difficult to perceive these similar patterns in ourselves, which makes it hard to release on our own. 

H+H: Can you share a little more about how you work, and what your healing process looks like?

ASP: I essentially work in communication with the client’s physical and energetic bodies. Imbalances can be self-generated, acquired from other people, inherited from a family lineage, even carried over by unresolved dynamics from different past lives, or from what your parents were going through at the time of conception. While I do ask questions, and people generally come to me with a challenge they want to work on, often their body speaks loudly to me, and the greatest area of need will come to the surface for healing. What I see is the subtle energy and specific blocked energies. Because I can name it and perceive it without judgement, I’m able to help it to finally dissolve. As I release these stagnant subtle energies from the person’s field, the field starts to reharmonize itself, improving the frequency being emitted by the person which changes what they attract and how they respond to what they attract.

H+H: Can people benefit from your energy healing, if they don’t really believe in what you’re doing? 

ASP: Yes, this actually happens all the time! I often work on people who arrive sceptical and end up experiencing significant shifts in spite of themselves. However, as with any healing, people need to be at a certain level of wanting to let things go in order to truly heal. There’s a saying, “you can have the healing or you can have excuses” and I find this to be true. It’s normal to have resistance or a fear of change, but these fears and resistance need to be addressed first before a deeper healing can really happen. 

H+H: How do you support people to access their own spirit and experience energetic healing?

ASP: Spiritual healing is not easy, it requires radical self-honesty. I advocate total self-compassion and acceptance, which is the starting point to be able to tune into subtle energy and see the non-beneficial dynamics we entertain. Overall, having a practice of self-awareness, inquiry, and contemplation helps all of us to understand our reactions and mitigate non-beneficial energies from influencing and accumulating in our personal fields.

H+H: What practices do you recommend, to help people clear their energetic bodies?

ASP: I recommend ongoing practices. It’s not a matter of doing it once, and you’re done. The same way we have physical hygiene practices like brushing our teeth and showering, we need to have a similar approach for taking care of our energetic body. You can do this by scanning your energetic body and noticing any dense or dark spots at the end of the day. Working on releasing your emotional baggage as well, so it doesn’t attract or absorb similar frequencies from the environment.  In your home, it can also be important to notice where you have strong emotions. If you work from home and sit in the same spot often, energetically cleanse that area. You can use incense, gems, and even a sound bowl to cleanse these areas. 

Parting advice from Amelie: If you’re looking for a healer, feel into what and who you need. Many healers do a beautiful job at marketing but for each individual, it’s key to feel into the relationship, into yourself, beyond what the website looks like and words sound like. And if you haven’t had a good experience with alternative healing, don’t discount the entire practice. Not everyone has the same skill level or approach. You may just need to find the right fit for you.  

On that note, here are five Energy Healers we’ve personally worked with, and recommend.


Understanding Subtle Energy + How The Energy Body Impacts Our Well Being