The Magic of Ho'oponopono

How to Clear Toxic Emotions With the Magic of Ho’oponopono

Over the years, we’ve heard a few teachers refer to the practice of Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian practice that translates to mean: 

Ho’o: = Make 

Pono = Right/Righteous/Right with one’s ancestors 

We used to think this practice was quite similar to Meta meditation, where you join with others to pray for yourself, your family, and the greater collective. 

However, through diving more deeply into this practice, we’ve come to realize Ho’oponopono is quite unique from other practices, and offers an incredibly powerful path to transformation. 

Essentially, Ho’oponopono is an invitation to healing for anyone seeking to release stuck emotions, and the thoughts around them. AND contribute to healing the collective. 

What, now?

Yes, you heard that correctly. As Dr. Hu Lin, who’s used this practice with miraculous results in the Hawaiian prison system, explains: “My subconscious is dictating to me what I’m seeing and experiencing. If I’m seeing something I don’t like in you, it’s only my experience of you. If I erase that in me, you can’t be that way – it’s not possible.”

Ok, so this sounds a little out there, but if you consider that we are all connected on this planet, and as humans, we’re all capable of the entire range of emotions and actions, then, it’s possible to imagine that when we see something that causes us pain- like a leader acting with violence or greed – we can dig deep enough to imagine having the capacity for similar actions. 

Ho’oponopono is an invitation to turn inwards and clear in our own hearts what we see in others, so that we’re no longer carrying those qualities to the world around us. 

Here’s an example of how to apply this practice. 

The starting place is always: I want to feel at peace. I want to feel good. 

A situation arises. For example, you have an argument with your partner. 

Identify the emotion that is being triggered. In this case, you feel anger at your partner. No wait, under the anger, you really feel fear because the argument made you feel insecure in the relationship. And also, there’s sadness about the insecurity. 

Ok, so you’ve distilled it down: The core emotions are fear and sadness. 

Now, you’re ready to lift these feelings up, to be cleared via Ho’oponopono mantra, which goes: 

I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you. 

These can be said in any order. As you sit with your feelings, and say these words in your heart, allow space to contemplate and release all that comes up. According to Personal Coach + Ho’oponopono practitioner Colleen Henney, this practice is more powerful and effective than years of talk therapy. The following instructions are based on Colleen’s approach to this practice.

When we turn to Ho’oponopono, “I’m sorry” can bring up a lot. 

For example: 

I’m sorry: “I’m sorry for all the ways my own fear has contributed to sadness in others. I’m sorry for all the ways fear has caused me to shut down and consciously or unconsciously hurt others. I’m sorry for the fears in my own belief system that propels more sadness and fear in my own life, and in the lives of others.”

Please forgive me: You can say these words to God, a Divine being, your ancestors, Your Higher Self. Whatever feels right.

Thank you. “Thank you for the awareness of these emotions. Thank you for bringing these forward for healing. Thank you for the opportunity to clear in myself what I struggle with about others. Thank you for the opportunity to let go, and to be at peace.”

I love you. A beautiful way to end this mantra. But you can do it in any order. 

Let us know if you have any questions! If you’ve tried this practice, DM us! We’d love to hear how it’s impacted you. 

xo, Head + Heart