Have you (like us) been reflecting on how you want life to look and feel post Covid? What do you want to bring with you? What do you want to leave behind?

In some ways, we’ve all stepped off the hamster wheel of life for the last seven weeks. This uncertain space is an invitation to be with ourselves and with our deeper intentions for life.

We’re guessing that many, many people will want to take their lives and work in a new direction after this, in a quest for greater purpose and balance.

If you find yourself/your business reflecting on how to best be of service on this planet during and post Covid, we want to share this great self-coaching exercise from Carrie Green, founder of the UK’s Female Entrepreneur Association. It’s helpful whether you’re an individual, yoga studio, wellness provider, or established business. Let me know if you do this and how it impacts you!

Clarifying Your offering: Self-coaching Exercise

  1. Write down 5-10 ways you can be of service to/help others. Straight up: How can you help people/what do you offer that people need?
  2. Write down 5-10 experiences you can share with others that could be impactful. If you’re a business, write down the top experiences people come to you (or could come to you) to have. If you’re an individual, draw from past work/life experiences you can share.
  3. Ask yourself: Do people tend to come to you for the same type of advice or to feel a certain way? Brainstorm all the ways friends/clients tend to lean on you/your business. This will highlight reasons people seek you out that you may not have realized.
  4. Ask yourself: If success was inevitable, what would be your dream way to make money?