One of the reasons Head + Heart exists is, quite simply, community. This platform came to life to bring people together, in meaningful ways. While we’ve called Head + Heart “A Mindful Calendar” in our hearts it’s more than a place to discover events, retreats, workshops – live and virtual. It’s also a place to build meaningful connections with teachers, and each other. We need each other on this journey, especially when we’re going through stuff. Like a pandemic.

Each week we’re sharing virtual events and gatherings to support, ground and maybe even inspire you during this time. Here are a few offerings we highly recommend:

Meditation with Caverly Morgan

This weekly meditation group led by Portland-based Caverly Morgan focuses on integrating meditation and mindful practice into our everyday lives, deepening our direct experience of Awareness, and embodying realization. Caverly combines meditation with a facilitated group discussion that is interactive and personal. Learn to see how suffering is created in your life and gain the tools to open, transform, and explore your direct experience of truth.

This weekly group- usually live- is now virtual, so this is a great chance to explore Caverly’s work. All welcome.

Date || Wednesdays 7:00- 8:30pm PST
Sign Up || You can join using this link.

Sound Journey with Shanila Sattar

Vibrations of sound are healing in many ways, helping us relax, and connect into our deeper knowing. This experiential meditation is a soothing and rejuvenating treat for the senses. Float into relaxation as your body gets bathed in vibrational currents of ancient sound healing instruments. Crystal bowls are used to shift and cleanse your energy fields so you can go back to your day feeling renewed.

Date || Weekly, various times
Sign Up || Unplug Meditation Onine

Ana Lilia’s Community Breathwork Circle

We joined Ana Lilia’s breathwork group last week and LOVED it so much we’re putting it on the list again this week for anyone who may have missed it. Highly recommend. The group begins with a check in, and then moves into breathwork, an active form of meditation to help you release the stress you’re feeling. Ana gives a lesson in how to do active breathing, and offers a beautiful guided meditation to lead you into the practice.

Date || Saturdays at 10:00am PST
Sign Up || HERE

Digital Mindfulness Workshop with Christina Malecka

In this workshop you’ll learn how mindfulness is the opposite of distraction – and develop some tools to having a healthier relationship with technology. Christina will guide you through practices to support your personal goals, including meditation, grounding, moving and laughing! There may also be singing. This 4-part series will empower you to rediscover your passions, values and priorities.

Date || Starting May 1
Sign Up || HERE

Chackra Clearing + Meditation

An intimate opportunity to journey together through a chakra meditation and energetic release. Led by Liberate Your True Self’s Amelie St-Pierre, this meditation will focus on a particular Chakra. Each person receives an individual clearing of emotions restricting this Chakra.⁠ If you’re new to chakra clearing, Chakras are the centres in our bodies where information flows through. If the energy flow in the Chakra is blocked, it can result in illness, or lack of focus, vitality, and joy. The health level of the Chakras has a direct impact on a person’s health, emotions, mind and life experience. ⁠

Date || Various Dates.
Sign Up || You can join using this link.

SweatFest Dance Party with Ryan Heffington on IG Live

Ok, this guy is awesome and hilarious and we highly recommend putting on a pair of short shorts and dancing along this week to his by-donation IG Live streams! Kids at home? Family dance party. Maybe we should all just “Dance it out together!”.

Date || Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 10am PST
Sign up || Livestream on IG @Ryan.Heffington

Weekly Meditation + Talk with Tara Brach

Every Wednesday at 7:30 EST, join meditation teacher Tara Brach for a beautiful guided meditation and talk. She addresses the fear and anxiety that most are experiencing, with very practical ways to shift into acceptance through deeply embracing all that is, and all that you are.

Date || Wednesdays at 7:30 PM EST.
Join In HERE

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Teachers, as always, you’re welcome to add your virtual gatherings to Head + Heart, and be sure to tag them “virtual”.