Helping you find the best mindful events is a big part of what we do here at Head + Heart. Today, we want to shine a spotlight on four bookstores that have become institutions in their cities, thanks to their mission, much like ours, to connect people with great teachers, wisdom and inspiration. It’s harder than ever for small brick and mortar shops to survive in today’s world – especially during the pandemic- so we wanted to give extra love to these worthy shops. If you live in or plan to visit Vancouver, Seattle, or Portland, be sure to visit these gems and check out the amazing teachers they bring in. If not, their online offerings are also incredible.  

V A N C O U V E R  |  B A N Y E N   B O O K S  +  S O U N D 

Located on East 4th ave, on the west side, Banyen Books has been around since 1970, and is Canada’s most comprehensive metaphysical bookstore. They are a gathering place for anyone interesting in spirituality, bringing in many notable teachers from all traditions. Beyond the great selection of books and resources, you’ll find community here. If you’re interested in healing, spirituality, wellness, metaphysics, then this is the place for you. We’ve been so thankful that Banyen continuously shares their amazing events on Head + Heart, featuring teachers like Mark Nepo, Dr. Rick Hanson, Dr. Shefali and many more. 

C O Q U I T L A M  |  R E F L E C T I O N S  B O O K S T O R E

For over 30 years, Reflections has been a go-to metaphysical gift and bookshop and community for the Tri cities and beyond. This community began as a Course In Miracles meet up, and has grown into a place where people can find not only books and gifts, but also healing teachers and events at the Oasis Wellness Center located upstairs from the shop. For anyone interested in spirituality and wellness, we highly recommend exploring this sanctuary and it’s upcoming events. 

S E A T T L E   |  E A S T  W E S T  B O O K S T O R E  

Between the Roosevelt and University district, you’ll find the East West Bookshop, a Seattle institution known as a resource for conscious living. East West offers a huge selection of books and resources, representing spiritual traditions from around the world. A true community hub, they provide healing services and even take healing prayer requests. The teachers they continue to bring for talks and workshops are world class- such as Byron Katie, don Miguel Ruiz, and Dr. Bruce Lipton. We can’t wait to visit on our next trip to Seattle. 

P O R T L A N D  |  N E W  R E N A I S S A N C E  B O O K S T O R E

If you want to get a window into Portland’s spiritual scene, this is a great place to explore. Located in the heart of Northwest Portland for over 30 years, The New Renaissance Bookstore has been dedicated to being a conscious light in the world, by connecting people with transformative teachers, resources, and healers. Currently closed due to Covid, they’re continuing to connect the community through virtual events and teachings. Check out their upcoming events here. 

Is there a bookshop in your town that serves as a spiritual community and valuable resource for wellness seekers? We want to support these brick and mortar locations now more than ever- so please send us a DM here with your tips. We’d love to hear from you.