Our Go-To Spiritual Teachers For These Times

Given the huge changes happening globally right now- via the pandemic and the #blacklivesmatter movement, many of us feel this is a critical time of healing on the planet, on a collective and individual level.

A great teacher can serve to shine a light or shift us forward at critical times like these. Our team here at H+H has been continuously turning to the following 10 teachers – to help us remember what matters, where we need to let go, and how to move ahead with greater wisdom.

Wherever you find yourself these days, you’re not alone and support is available. Each of the following teachers offers guided meditation, talks, community gatherings, and in some cases group coaching/opportunities for Q&A’s. Take a look, and explore what resonates.

Sarah Blondin

Sarah Blondin is a meditation teacher and author who shows people how to live in a “heart-minded way”. This means to move out of the mind, and to go deep within to meet the heart and everything you’ll encounter there. We regularly listen to her meditations on Insight Timer. They are poetic encouragements, that help foster a more honest, heart. To do this work, we need to touch the pain in there, too. The only way through, is through.

Sebene Selassie

We were recently introduced to Sebene’s teachings and immediately fell in love. She offers many dharma talks and guided meditations, on topics like joy and pain, and how to navigate uncertainty in the world. What’s striking is her light spirit and deep wisdom. She doesn’t have a trace of the somber meditation teacher stereotype- her vibe is joyful, light and truly beautiful. Check out her book, You Belong, and also find her meditations on Dharma Seed.

Oren Jay Sofer

Author and meditation teacher Oren Jay Sofer has become a go-to for our daily practice. I love his body scan meditation, his practical guidance, and the way his meditations and teaching are simple, clear, and easy to follow. His work combining decades of formal training in ancient Buddhist meditation with more contemporary disciplines of Nonviolent Communication and Somatics.

Byron Katie

Byron Katie is known for her teaching on The Work, a simple yet profoundly life-altering approach to question EVERYTHING that causes suffering in your life. She guides people to practice asking the following four questions. Head to her website to download a free practice. We highly recommend her book Loving What Is.

  • Is it true?
  • Can you absolutely know that it’s true?
  • How do you react when you believe that thought?
  • Who would you be without the thought?

Lama Rod Owens

In a nutshell, he’s awesome. Lama Rod Owens is a buddhist teacher who shines a light on all kinds of issues related to spirituality, race, gender and sexuality. We just ordered his book, Love and Rage, after hearing him explain how, for years, he surpressed his truth (his opinions) in order to keep the peace, meanwhile cultivating major inner rage. In a world that’s so focused on outer appearances and ‘getting it right’, who can’t related to this on some level? Lama Rod Owens’ brings a much needed voice to our world today, and offers so much wisdom and humour for spiritual seekers of all kinds. Explore his teachings here.

Tara Brach

You know we’ve mentioned Tara Brach many times, and turn to her regularly for wisdom teachings and her guided meditations. She’s a lovingkindness meditation teacher with Buddhist roots, and a teaching style that’s accessible to all. She’s not afraid to be vulnerable or a bit dorky at times, and we love her for that! We loved this meditation on how to relax the over controller within (a great one for type A’s!) and also this meditation is a simple and beautiful guided offering, which we’re giving as a gift to all who subscribe to Head + Heart’s newsletter.

Penache Desai

Penache Desai’s spiritual teachings are rooted in his Indian upbringing. We’ve been loving his daily live meditations, offered without charge to support people during the pandemic. His teaching are a reminder that everything is God, that everything is ultimately high vibration, but we don’t know how to sense it. His book, You Are Enough, is a great reminder that so many need. Many of us are stuck in limited beliefs around self worth. Living our highest potential is the journey to total self acceptance, as everything we need, want and desire, is already within us.

Michael Singer

Michael Singer’s books The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment have changed our lives. We turn to them often, and have taken his programs via Sounds True, as well. While we haven’t mastered the art of surrender quite yet, this is a teacher who has a ton of wisdom to share for those who want to stop trying to control life, and begin to follow where the Divine may be leading you. His teachings are magical, yet he’s incredibly pragmatic and easy-to-follow.

Jeannie Zandi

Jeannie Zandi is a feminist spiritual teacher with a powerful message. She explains how to live in a grounded state of being, through connecting to nature and to one’s own innate Mother Earth. You can learn all about Jeannie and enjoy a guided meditation in this interview we did with here, here.

Richard Rohr

Richard Rohr is a Franciscan Monk who offers a perspective that is unlike what many would consider Christian teaching. He’s deeply embraced the mystical roots of his faith, and shares those very beautifully in all the many books he’s written, alongside the many teachings you can find on YouTube. Here is a really great podcast interview he did with Krista Tippett for OnBeing, called Living in Deep Time and here is another deep and profound interview he did with Rob Bell.

What teachings are supporting you most these days? Send us a DM here.

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