About Head + Heart


Head + Heart is your guide to discovering spiritual and wellness events, retreats, teachers + community.

Start exploring the upcoming live and virtual events, retreats and community available to support you.

We believe that you are your own wisest teacher on the journey of life. But you don’t need to do it alone.

Let’s journey together.


If you’re a spiritual or wellness teacher, we’d love to help you build your tribe and promote your offerings.

Head + Heart is a support to help you get the word out about the healing work you’re doing on this planet.

While marketing is not everyone’s favorite thing to do, we happen to love spreading the word about the teachers and events that have impacted us, and can help others.

About the Founder

Hi, I’m Monica. 

Welcome to Head + Heart.

I launched Head + Heart with a passion to bring together community.

We need each other on this journey of life.

We are ALL teachers, and all students. We are each our own healer, yet we can’t do it alone. What we are as beings is often beyond our own understanding. This amazes me every day, and has led me to explore a sh%$ ton of teachers and events over the years.

Let’s journey together.