The following introduction is written by Patricia Clum, Founder of Evolution of the Heart.

A centering meditation practice is the best way I know to counterbalance the (over) stimulation coming at us all day long –  from the media, culture and life in general. When we’re truly centered, we’re living in the moment, aligned with the parts of ourselves that are beyond reaction, the parts of ourselves that are connected with what matters most.

No matter how far from presence we may feel in any given moment, the good news it that balance is our most natural state, and we can all re-set our nervous systems and lives, simply by paying attention to our bodies.

Most often, when we are distracted and/or overstimulated it’s because we’re caught in the trap of “doing.” In this place of overdrive and over-doing, we’re operating outside of our centered selves and outside of Presence, so our creative (inspired) self gets exhausted. I.e. We feel burned out. However, simply shifting back into Presence, can almost immediately move us from dullness back to to vibrancy.

The following centering meditation practice is my go-to way to regain balance, peace, and presence.

Enjoy the following practice, journal prompts + free download.

A Centering Meditation Practice

+ Journal prompts + a free download from Patricia Clum

Patricia Clum’s Daily Centering Meditation Practice 

  1. Take time daily to spend a few moments with yourself. Simply sit somewhere with you. No distraction, no doing, no shoulds – just practice being with you. 
  2. As you are sitting with yourself, begin to notice and feel your body. Your body serves you in every breath – in and out of your awareness. Tuning into your body is a direct path to Presence, via your breath and your heart beat. 
  3. Be with yourself unconditionally. A daily practice of being with your body and breath unconditionally, and including every part of yourself in your awakening journey, is a powerful portal to Presence. Notice, the emotions or sensations in your body that you do NOT accept. Allow your body to meet all that arises without condition.

Whether we’re sitting in meditation, or going about our daily lives, we’re constantly processing thoughts and feelings. So, whenever we’re triggered, we’re given an opportunity to clear out old patterns that no longer serve us. As we do this, we change and adjust the chemical balance in our bodies and in our nervous systems.

The key is to learn to trust that whatever we are experiencing is of highest service to us, and to what I call, ‘our higher heart’. Our higher heart embodies our highest potential of presence and love. When we open to this space of our Highest, we open to a space of witness, awareness and alignment with consciousness.  

Journal Prompts to Accompany Your Centering Meditation 

As you practice dropping into a relaxed state and are no longer in fight, flight, or freeze, try jouraling the following questions:

  1. How does your heart feel? 
  2. How does your body feel? 
  3. How does your mind feel? 

Write down whatever comes up, stay with the emotion that is arising, and always be kind, tender and unconditional with yourself. As we invite in a freshness of being in deeper presence, we are naturally inviting in the organic centred shifts of emotional states.

The following guided embodiment meditation is a gift to support this practice. You can download and use this guided meditation at home to support your body to drop into presence. This is a beautiful companion to the above centering meditation practice. 

A Free Guided Embodiment Meditation By Patricia Clum

Click here for a Guided Meditation you can do at home.

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Patricia Clum offers 1:1 spiritual coaching, along with programs and retreats across the Pacific Coast. Discover her upcoming offers here. Find her @evolutionheart @wild.heart.sisterhood. And if you happen to be a highly sensitive person, our last article explains why being sensitive is actually the greatest gift, which Patrica brought to life with a some beautiful Empath Quotes.


A centering meditation practice is the best way I know to counterbalance the (over) stimulation coming at us all day long -  from the media, culture and life in general. This is the centering meditation practice I turn to daily.