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How to Synchronize Your Three Brains

For a very long time, we have been taught to think that we only have one brain, the brain in our head. We actually have three brains: the head, the heart and the enteric (gut) brains. In this article, I’ll take you on a deeper dive into what the Heart Brain and the Enteric Brain are, and the benefits we gain by supporting these three areas to work together to support our body’s innate ability to self-heal.

The Heart Brain

Modern science has recently begun to be able to measure, map and confirm what alternative practices have known and used for centuries. In both Adviatic philosophy and Chinese medicine, the Heart is the seat of consciousness of self and stores all of the essential memories of the body. Innately, we all know this as we all point to our hearts when we are indicating our sense of self. Most of us have also been in a situation at some point when our mind is telling us one thing and our heart is telling us the opposite. Leaders at The Heart Math Institute have been pioneering the investigation, study and measurement of the effects of the Heart Brain on the whole body-mind complex, and the findings are clear: Our emotional state directly impacts our physical wellness.

The Gut Brain or Enteric Brain

The Enteric or gut brain has the important function of managing our immune system and equipping our body to defend itself from the outside world. It works with our small intestine for the physical functions of regulating our microbiome and digestion. The Enteric Brain is the seat of our discernment when choosing between right and wrong. Again, instinctively we know this when we “trust our gut” or “make a gut decision”.

The Head Brain

In our evolution, the Head Brain has become the dominant brain, taking on a lot of work that the Heart and Enteric Brains should be doing. Unfortunately, in developing societies, there’s been an over-importance placed on the Head Brain. Today, many of us spend too much time “living in our heads”, attached to our thoughts, and this has led to the loss of the coherence and connection between all three brains. We see this all around us, as people have lost touch with their intuition, their ability to self-reflect and their own inner knowing. This leads to living unconsciously, feeling like we’re coping rather than fully engaged in our lives in joyful ways. The Head Brain consumes significant energy and if we give it all the energy, it’ll actually take away from our sense of peace and wellness. Within the actual brain, there are three brains, which this video by Dr. Joe Dispenza explains quite well.


Regaining Coherence Among The Three Brains via Tapping

One of the Heart Brain’s main functions is to anchor the Head Brain and Enteric Brain. When all three brains are working together, we begin to experience life from a more balanced and harmonious state of body and mind working together.

There are several practices to support your three main neural centres back into communication and harmony.  The first is  “tapping” over the head, heart and abdomen. Tapping has been around for centuries dating back to the yoga system. It has been also used by some indigenous cultures and is becoming more widely known with the EFT tapping modality.

Being a bio-electric organism, we are constantly vibrating from a molecular level. This is influenced by our heart beat, our thoughts and our emotions. Simply put, tapping helps to activate kinetic energy and re-pattern vibrational frequencies down to the cellular level. From the perspective of Classical Chinese Medicine, when the whole head is tapped, over 100 acupoints on the scalp are activated. Tapping these points helps to wake up the brain and Qi flow via the meridian system which runs from head to toe. Tapping the heart acuzone positively affects breathing, heart activity and brings balance to the functions of the upper half of the body while restoring emotional/mental harmony. Navel acuzone tapping activates the organs and systems in the middle to lower part of the body. Again, tapping these three areas helps to weave back together the communication between all the systems of the body and the mind. Energetically, in the BodyTalk and BodyIntuitive modalities, there is an added emphasis on connecting into a person’s emotional stories and life experiences to help them shift, release and “let go” of stuck energy during sessions, which brings healing on all levels of body, mind and spirit.

In the following video tutorial on tapping, I explain how to use tapping for healing and balance to synchronize the three brains. Note, as with all energy medicine, there is a cumulative effect so the more you practice this, the greater the benefits.



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How to Synchronize Your Three Brains + A FREE Tapping Tutorial for Healing
How to Synchronize Your Three Brains + A FREE Tapping Tutorial for Healing