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When we’re in the middle of our day-to-day lives and trying to navigate everything from traffic to career to relationships, it’s easy to forget that everything is a unique field of energy. Your body—solid though it is—is a field of energy. Your soul also is a field of energy. The Akashic Records are an energetic record of all thoughts, actions, feelings, words, events, and experiences of all fields of energy, across time and space. This even includes the energy of the virus that causes Covid-19. Recently I opened the Akashic Records of the SARS-CoV-2 virus for a small-group channeling. At the time participants asked these questions (early spring 2022), the energetic trajectory of the virus offered hope for both the present and the future. What follows is a transcript of the channeled messages (edited for length and clarity) that came through The Akashic Records for the following questions.

An Akashic Channeling on Covid

What do the Akashic Records have to say about Covid-19 at this time?

The Akashic Records say the virus is now waning, but it will never be totally gone. There will be pockets of it, now and in the future. As a historical example, the Records bring up the bubonic plague that was prevalent at various times during the Middle Ages. Bubonic plague—caused by a bacterium rather than a virus—still infects people today. A few thousand cases are diagnosed around the world each year, including a tiny handful in the United States. But quick diagnosis and treatment with strong antibiotics now cures almost everyone who becomes infected with the plague. The Akashic Records share this example because the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes the illness known as Covid-19, is not going to go away. The first two years of the worldwide pandemic were unspeakably tragic for many. The Records say that Covid-19 will be much more manageable over time. Unfortunately, this virus will still cost people their lives, but the number of deaths attributable to it will continue to decrease as time goes on.

What’s the time frame for the virus to become more manageable? Is that now?

Yes, the time frame for the virus becoming more manageable is now, and also into the future. The number and severity of cases will generally decrease as time goes on, but there will still be some surges. The chance of developing severe illness or even dying from the virus will depend, of course, on the individual factors for each person who catches the virus. So, yes, at the time of this channeling the rate of infection is on a downward slope. Over the long term, though, there will still be people who become extremely ill or who pass away following infection.

Does this virus have a higher purpose for humanity?

The virus brought to the forefront how interconnected everyone is. This pertains to not just our everyday activities like work, school, and sharing a household, but also to our emotional connections. Although technology kept us connected during the worst parts of the last two years, technology also demonstrated that digital connections cannot supplant the need for individual, in-person connection. Technology was an immeasurable help in making group connections possible. Getting back together once it was safer to do so, though, has shown us that technology does not—and cannot—replace the deep personal, emotional, and social bonds that can only be built by being physically present with others.

There’s been a lot of division that has happened because of Covid-19. Is there a purpose to the division?

The divisions that are evident now have been here for a very long time. Unfortunately, some people have used the virus as an opportunity to deepen those divisions. It might take a decade or longer for the different sides to see that we’re all in this together and to realize that we are stronger together than we are apart. The Akashic Records also suggest that there are other difficult things to come before people will choose to start mending their differences. The eventual, positive outcome of our present divisions will be that we will be able to come together to make space for everyone despite our differences. However, at this time the Records suggest that getting there is going to continue to be somewhat rocky.

Are people more open to guidance now when it comes to learning a new path forward?

There’s still a lot of shell shock. Many people are still picking up the pieces of their lives. Just about everyone has gone through some kind of very deep look at who they are and where they “fit” in life. These new perceptions are just starting to be more deeply understood. As time goes by, there’s the opportunity for each of us to have even more personal revelations about our lives. As this happens, more doors will open and new paths can be chosen.

Also during the last couple of years, a lot of people changed jobs. The number of recent job changes is just a tip-of-the-iceberg, real-world illustration of some of the deeper emotional and energetic changes people have felt well up within them. Some may be feeling called to do something new, but they’re not quite sure what that is. Not knowing is just fine. This is a time of germination. Allow the tiny roots of newness to feel their way into the soil so that whatever flower is contained within will bloom when its time is right.

What do the Records say about the next stage of economic, social, and spiritual development for humanity?

What the Records show, currently, is that substantial changes are coming economically. These changes will eventually help distribute wealth more equitably. However, this change is going to take time. The metaphor the Records use to show this change is an ice age glacier. Right now, this glacier is moving slowly but is starting to pick up speed. The important point to keep in mind about glaciers is that they don’t advance just on top of the land. The weight of a glacier drives part of it into the earth, churning up and moving huge boulders and other unseen impediments that, until the glacier came along, were immoveable. This metaphorical glacier is just at the beginning stages of carving wide, deep paths of new social connections and agreements.

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An Akashic Channeling on the Energy of Covid: What Can We Learn?
An Akashic Channeling on the Energy of Covid: What Can We Learn?