Akashic record reading is making its way into the mainstream wellness world… or at least the circles I’m travelling in!

For those who haven’t yet encountered this modality, the Akashic records are considered to be your soul’s records, containing lifetime(s) of past and present information and energies that can be accessed and healed at the soul level. 

After having had a couple of readings myself, I wanted to explore the ways four different readers – all personally tested or recommended – work with intuition, energy, mediumship, and even the “keepers” of the records themselves, to bring people messages, healing, and direction.

If you’re at a crossroads or feel like you’re ready to make a big change in your life- anything from letting go of an old toxic pattern to making a significant career or relationship change – an Akashic reading is one way to bring your questions forward to receive guidance and clarity from beyond. 

What’s interesting is that there’s not one set way to do an Akashic reading: each reader brings their own unique gifts to the table. While some people leave a reading feeling they’ve received a direct answer to a big question, others leave feeling more in tune with their own deeper knowing and intuition. Ready to book a session for yourself? You can take a read of my experience doing an Akashic Records Reading with Maribeth Stephens where I share all the details of what the reading was like and below, are four Akashic readers the team at Head + Heart recommends, and some highlights about how each works.

Baljit Rayat | Lotus Destiny

Known as a powerful healer, Baljit describes the Akashic Records as “the energetic records of your Soul that hold all the information about who you really are.” Baljit says the records contain every word, thought, action, event, emotion and belief system you’ve ever had. In a session with Baljit, she helps people access their Akashic Records to receive information, to understand their blocks and limitations, and to get insights about possible choices, so they can co-create (with the divine) a better outcome. People come to Baljit to transform their relationships with loved ones, their career, and even money. What sets Baljit apart is her emphasis on working with the divine as the best way to heal at the deepest level. Connect with Baljit to book a reading here. 

Gabrielle Bentley | Becoming Intuitive

Gabrielle describes the Akashic records as “Spiritual Google” for your soul. What makes Gabrielle’s readings unique is that she’s also a psychic medium, and says there are 1000’s of beings out there wanting to help us. She begins each reading with a prayer, asking, in her words: “whatever is of the highest good to show up and deliver the message that needs to come through”. Gabrielle channels light beings called the Pleiadians who she says created the concept of the records, and are known to be the spiritual record keepers of the universe. Most people walk away from a session with Gabrielle saying something like, “You spoke to my soul and told me things I’ve never thought about but somehow know are 100% true.” Connect with Gabrielle to book a reading here. 

Maribeth Stephens | Akashic Balance

If you’re ready to make a big shift, and want to know about the guidance available, I highly recommend booking with Maribeth Stephens. At the begining of this year, I reached out to ask Maribeth about Head + Heart’s growth/expansion, and how to have more balance with my work. In response to each question I asked, Maribeth received an image, and shared her intuited, channelled insights from the Akashic records. Overall, the takeaways she shared with me helped to strengthen my own intuition, and her insights were incredibly supportive and resonant. I truly felt into all of the guidance that’s here in the universe to support me. Connect with Maribeth to learn more about her work here.

Natalie Hayes | Intuitively Natalie

Many Akashic readers use a prayer to access and open up the Akashic records, but Natalie uses a modality called PSYCH-K® – which means she essentially becomes a surrogate for the energy coming through. In her words, “PSYCH-K® enables me to really feel into the energy of your soul, in this lifetime and others, because of the physical energetic embodiment I’m able to hold via the process of surrogation.”  Having worked as a registered Nurse for over 8 years prior to becoming an Akashic reader, she calls her work as a reader far more powerful, because she’s able to help people transform old trauma in a way that immediately improves their lives. While people do receive guidance and direction from sessions with Natalie, they also leave with a new depth of self-awareness, so they’re more prepared to meet themselves where they are now – and in the future. Book a session with Natalie here

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I’m really curious how many of you have heard about or even experienced Akashic record reading? I’d love to know if you’ve had an experience, or if you decide to book a reading with any of these Akashic guides. And if you’re looking for other ways to attune to your deeper knowing, take a peak at this recent article featuring Mara Branscombe on how to create rituals to reach your full potential.

Until next time! – Monica