Jonalyn Green

Jonalyn Greene

As a Certified BodyTalk and BodyIntuitive Practitioner, Jonalyn Greene is passionate about supporting your evolution to being healthy in body, mind and soul. Jonalyn works from the understanding that all imbalances in the physical and energetic bodies are a reflection of what is going on in the mind. You can expect her sessions to provide a healing container that is non-judgemental, safe and supportive, the ideal container to allow your body to tell you what it needs to heal.

Work With Jonalyn

1:1 BodyTalk + BodyIntuitive Session

When we are in balance: mentally, physically, and emotionally, our systems are synchronized; communication flows and everything works in harmony. Everyday stresses, previous experiences, traumatic events and family histories all contribute to interrupting the balance and communication of our systems. This shows up as pain, symptoms, dis-ease, and illness/imbalance.​ In a BodyTalk and BodyIntuitive session with Jonalyn, she combines ancient healing methods of Chinese medicine & Ayurvedic philosophy, applied kinesiology, Western medicine and 21st century science to provide a complete, holistic approach to allowing your body to heal itself. Both systems work together to help uncover the story behind the symptoms you are experiencing. The 21st century science incorporated into these modalities helps to set them apart from other mind-body or alternative medicine modalities.Book an individual session or click to learn about packages available.
Jonalyn and BodyTalk came to me at just the right time. I was dealing with too many emotions to verbalize out loud to anyone, let alone myself. The sessions allowed my body to speak for me and zero in on what what out of balance. The clarity eventually came to me and I was able to make much needed changes in my life which I attribute to these sessions. I highly recommend Jonalyn to everyone! Whether you’re feeling a physical or mental imbalance, your body wants to heal itself and Jonalyn can help it do that!

Allison Kvist

Jonalyn's holistic approach has made me feel sincerely cared for - moreover her ability to make the connections between past and present issues of mental, physical, and emotional health have maximized the results of my BodyTalk and BodyIntuitive sessions, leaving me restored and balanced. This healing work has been a gift -  I am excited to continue to explore my own healing potential and I cannot think of a better guide on this journey than Jonalyn.

Erin Williams

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