We all have a dark side, aka the shadow self. Eckhart Tolle calls it The Pain Body, which is perfect, because our shadow feels and acts like an energetic body of our unprocessed fears, coming around from time to time to show us where attention is needed. And where self compassion is needed, too. The path of growth is really a path of attuning to all aspects of ourselves and integrating those shadowy aspects that are ready to release. The following shadow work prompts will help you do just that.

For this round up, I’ve reached out to a few of the most poetic shadow work experts I know to put together the following five sets of shadow work prompts, to help you process those aspects of yourself that are ready to come into the light, to be integrated and released.

So, find a quiet space, grab your journal and light a candle. As you work with each of these four sets of shadow work prompts, please give yourself the space to be fully human – light and dark combined.

Shadow Work Prompts: Meeting Life Patterns

The following shadow work prompts are from Folk Medicine Healer + Coach, Angela Prider’s Seasonal Soul Care Package. You can sign up to receive more gems from Angela here.

Journal through the following questions to discover your shadow, and the traits that are impacting your life in this moment.

  1. Write about a time you felt wronged or shamed as a child. How did you react?
  2. Did you suppress or put a part of yourself away in response to this time?
  3. How has this affected you into adulthood
  4. What tends to trigger envy and jealousy for you?
  5. Write about why you think this is, and whether it’s related to a part of you that may have been repressed.
  6. How do you deal with negative emotions now?

Shadow Work Prompts: Owning Your Story

The following shadow work prompts are from Chelsey and Erica from Rooted Beings, who run a meditation community, and offer nature-based approach meditation teacher trainings.

In the spirit of owning your own story without judgment, and without letting it define you, consider:

  1. What am I afraid to tell others about myself or my past?
  2. What is something that I need to forgive myself for?
  3. I believe I will live an abundant and beautiful life because……

Shadow Work Prompts: Your Shadow is Benevolent

The following poignant prompts are from Ayurvedic Healer + Soul Coach, Melanie Philips

Invite a new perspective as you journal these poignant two questions.

  1. What aspects of yourself have you not wanted to look at, acknowledge, or admit?
  2. Imagine these aspects of yourself were here to support you. What strengths have you developed because of this ‘shadow aspect’?

Shadow Work Prompts: Is it True?

The following shadow prompts come from Embodiment teacher, the beloved Jeannie Zandi. 

Criticisms don’t need to make us spiral. In fact, if there is a grain of truth in what is spoken, it’s here to teach us.

  1. What criticisms have been made of you in the past?
  2. What did the person say?
  3. How did you respond?
  4. For each criticism, see if you can find even the smallest place where it may have a grain of truth in it. Ask yourself, “How might this be even a little bit true?”
  5. As you invite the truth of your shadow to reveal itself, meet it all with compassion, and with curiosity. It’s ok to be human.

No matter where you’re at on your path, you’re exactly where you need to be. Learning to trust ourselves is the key to growth. This Intuition Test is a great place to start! And if you’re new to the idea of the shadow, this video explains what the role of our shadow is and why it’s important.


Shadow Work Prompts
Shadow Work Prompts

And if you’re new to the idea of the shadow, this video explains what the role of our shadow is and why it’s important.

And below, is a great video on how we need to do shadow work before we manifest our truest desires, simply because by doing our shadow work, we synch up with our most authentic selves.

The Semantics of Shadow Word with Valisa Griffin.