The following February energy report comes from Business Coach + Earth Medicine Practitioner, Ariana Fotinakis

After a month filled with retrogrades and potent, emotional cosmic shifts, February offers the opportunity for creativity, imagination, and connection. Put your rose-coloured glasses on, give your best buds a call, and put your brains together to pave a new direction for humanity (or if that feels like too tall of an order, paving a new direction for your own life is great, too). Here’s your February energy report!


We transition from January 31 to February 1 under the energy of the new moon, in the innovative, change-making sign of Aquarius. This marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle with a focus on community and collaboration. As you sit down for your new moon manifestation rituals, give yourself permission to think outside the box. February energy calls for the question: What do you really want to call into your life? If you let go of societal norms and expectations, what would you want your day-to-day experience to be like and how would that impact your community at large?

February 1 also marks the Lunar New Year, with 2022 being the year of the Black Water Tiger. According to the Chinese Zodiac, Black Water Tiger years are years of big transformation with abundance and prosperity available for many of the signs. This is fitting considering Jupiter is in Pisces for much of the year, helping us all become master manifestors.

On February 16, we have a full moon in the sign of bold, confident Leo. Leo is a natural leader and isn’t afraid to let others know it. As you descend into the halfway point of this month’s lunar cycle, where are you being asked to take on more personal leadership to bring your manifestations from the new moon to fruition?


On February 3, Mercury stations direct in the sign of Capricorn (woohoo!). Hopefully you made it through this retrograde-  which began on January 14 – relatively unscathed. Retrogrades are a time to revisit, reflect, and reimagine; if you did your work, you’ll have the foundations in place to create systems for your communication and outward expression. Mercury is in Capricorn until the 14th, at which point it moves back into Aquarius, so use this February energy to begin voicing your manifestations from the new moon into existence.

The sun enters the dreamy, intuitive, and creative sign of Pisces on February 18. When the sun is in Pisces, we aren’t just wearing our hearts on our sleeves: we’re letting our hearts lead. As you dream your big dreams about the changes you want to make in your life—and ultimately, the world around you—you’ll be faced with decisions about which next steps to take. Let your emotions support you in these decision-making processes; how does Option A feel in your body? What is your heart trying to tell you about Option B? You hold infinite amounts of wisdom within you, and if you get quiet and listen, Pisces will help you find the answers you’re seeking. Side note: if you want to check your intuition strength, this Intuition Test is a great place to start.

It’s important to note the shadow side of Pisces, which can include tendencies to distract, avoid, and numb. If you find yourself engaging in any unsupportive patterns, taking a compassionate deep dive into the why behind these behaviors, either on your own or with a trusted guide, will serve you well.

Integrate the Energies: A February New Moon Ritual

  1. Light a candle, clear with your favorite plants, and grab your journal. The following ritual will help you work with and amplify the energy of the New Moon in Aquarius so you can manifest from a place of authenticity and global impact.
  2. Spend at least 3 minutes meditating on the candle in front of you. Gently focus on the flame as you allow your breathing to slow, your body to relax, and your mind to calm.
  3. In your journal, begin to brainstorm words that describe the themes you want to experience in your life. Are you looking for more collaboration? Self expression? Truthfulness? Don’t overthink, just write.
  4. Continue your brainstorm with words you’d like to see embodied in the collective. Do you want more harmony? Connection? Healthy skepticism? Again, no need to overthink these.
  5. When you’re done, review your words. Which words stand out the most for you? Are there similarities between your themes for yourself and your community?
  6. Spend a few minutes meditating on these themes. Somewhere, in another timeline, there’s another version of your existence where these themes are already being embodied. Who are you being? What are you spending your time and energy on? What are you not spending your time and energy on?
  7. Based on your reflections, set an intention for the upcoming lunar cycle for one action you will take that will bring you closer to embodying these themes. Maybe it’s a daily habit, or perhaps it’s an affirmation you’ll repeat to yourself on the reg.
  8. To integrate this intention, repeat “for this next cycle, I will honor my dreams by _______. And so it is”.


Ariana Fotinakis is a business coach, breathwork facilitator, earth medicine practitioner, and founder of The 5D Business Collective. As an expert in spiritual entrepreneurship, she supports her clients to clarify what they want out of life and how to make it a reality. You can work with her via 1:1 coaching or join her Business Collective.



February Energy Report
February Energy Report