Every month presents new opportunities to connect, and reconnect with nature. One of our favorite ways to remember and reconnect with nature, is by working with new moon affirmations, and moon rituals. As our friend + ritualist Mara Branscombe once said, “This process is not about goal-setting. It’s about coming into a felt vibration with what you’re aligning with, and allowing yourself to feel that vibration build in your very being, through the cycles of nature around us. This is a process of building momentum, collecting energy, gathering information. As you attune, the moon becomes like an elder in the sky you can be attuning to in a way that’s supporting your journey. Cosmic support is the best kind.”. 

The new moon is a great time to set intentions and begin building momentum in your life, in a way that’s aligned with the world of nature around you and your own true nature within. The key is to set the intentions, and then release the outcome, trusting your own intuition to be a guiding force. Our Intuition Test is a great support here! What I personally love about rituals is that they invite us to step outside of our everyday patterns and habits, and consider the greater ways we’re connected with the world around us.

Here are 5 New Moon Affirmations available to affirm your own life at the next new moon.

Remember, we don’t always FEEL these as we say them, but these mantras can support our intention to shift into a new way of feeling and being. They can show us where we may have blocks that need to shift. The beautiful thing is that where our attention goes, energy flows. So, with these mantras, feel free to find your own version that feels truly expansive and supports your new moon aspirations.

“I deserve to enjoy spaciousness in my life, work, and inner being. Spaciousness is the vast field of possibility from which my dreams come to life. ”

“I open myself to the light of the new.”

“It is safe for me to be my authentic self. I honour where I’ve been and who I am now choosing to be. Life supports me living in my magnificence.”

“I am rested, connected, rooted, and ready to thrive.”

  • This new moon affirmation comes from ritualist + yoga teacher, Mara Branscombe.

 “I am now highly pleasing to myself in the presence of others.”

  • This affirmation comes from Fredric Lehrman, a money coach who wrote the audiobook, Prosperity Consciousness. I love this one because it’s foundational: if we can feel this, everything changes.


New Moon Affirmations to support your highest path.
New Moon Affirmations to support your highest path.