Written by Monica Krake, founder of Head + Heart, your guide to living aligned.

Quantum mechanics has blasted open the possibilities for our human potential to manifest – beyond what our current human consciousness can even comprehend. 

While the traditional pathways to manifestation circa teachings like The Secret, for example, teach people to visualise their desires coming true, using techniques like vision boarding and daily affirmations, quantum co-creation is about putting yourself in the vibrational state of your outcome without Egoic attachment, which means authentically feeling the new Highest reality in order to bring it to the 3D. 

One of the best-known pioneers of quantum manifestation, or quantum co-creation, is probably Dr. Joe Dispenza, who leads retreated around the world and has written many books including one of my personal fav’s, Becoming Supernatural. His researched approach explains the science of what happens when we can authentically imagine and feel a new reality for our lives- our health, relationships, work – any and all aspects. And he has pioneered quite a few studies to measure the shifts that happen in the bodies and brains of people who have transformed their lives through their imaginations – it’s compelling research

Research like this is at the heart of the newest wave of wellness practitioners, one of which is Güliz Unlu, who says that Quantum co-creation is the new manifestation. Güliz Unlu, aka Equuarius, has become quite well known for helping people step into their highest potential via using energetics and modalities like BodyTalk, along with quantum concepts like the Observer Effect, famously explained in this video.

The Observer Effect Explained

For those of us who want to shift into living aligned with our Highest potentials and outcomes, Güliz’s approach brings all aspects of your reality to the table. She says she’s not psychic but after doing a session with her, you may not believe it. Here is a Q&A that explains how quantum co-creation works, and why it’s the key to not only manifestation but your awakening path. 

Head + Heart: How does quantum co-creation work?

Güliz Unlu: Very simply, when we change our internal environment, our external environment changes. This happens on the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual levels. In the work I do, we can take this one step further into the collective: When we change collectively, everything changes, we all change. We are each a part of the collective hologram. That means within our bodies, each cell has a hologram of the whole body. In the collective, I am a cell in an ocean of a billion bodies. And so, the inner work I do on myself is the inner work I do for all. The shifts we envision for ourselves, when they support our soul’s awakening, are already happening. When we feel and believe the truth of who we are, it becomes our individual reality. And the same thing happens collectively. We just need to SEE it and FEEL it.

Head + Heart: I’ve been blown away by what’s come through in the sessions I’ve had with you. To provide context to readers:  In our sessions, you’ve known things about my ancestral patterns, my family, and my life that you had no way of knowing!  I didn’t communicate any details to you vocally. How do you listen to the body to perceive what needs to be communicated to your clients? Do you need to be psychic to do this work?

Güliz: No, you do not need to be psychic, however, to be a guide in this way, there is an embodiment of our highest potential that is required, and that takes work. It takes work on our intuition, it takes identifying our ego and how we express it, it takes discernment in how we project our own filters. We all tend to project our belief systems onto each other. In the quantum work I do, through years of training, and with the support of the animals I work with, I’ve shifted into a state I call non-attached compassionate observation. This is how I, and all of us, can enhance our intuitive knowing exponentially. Much of the intuition we develop comes from practice and from learning through validation that we can trust ourselves. When we develop this confidence in ourselves and in our observations, that’s when we are able to read the truth in the other. Anyone can do this, it’s about having confidence, and working through our triggers. 

H+H: Can people use quantum observing or quantum co-creation methods on themselves?

Güliz: Absolutely, yes, and this is what I teach. The biggest piece of this, and the piece that most people really struggle to grasp, is that it’s actually through becoming self observers, and observers of the other (like in undisturbed nature) that we can watch the soul or purpose of the other heal itself without interfering with our own projected ego or agendas. I teach people to do this using practices such as breathwork, and both live and virtual embodiment sessions with my horses, as well as through personal mentorship and my programs.

H+H: How does this work at a cellular level?

Güliz: At a cellular level, we become what we see. When we see disease, we become that. When we see beauty and a healed body, we become that. When there’s a part of someone that’s resisting the healing, or resisting seeing the truth, this is where additional support can be very helpful. Because we get so caught up in, and stuck on, our old stories. As we learn to release the stories and blocks that are not our truth (anymore), and as we begin to see clearly, new realities emerge, and they are often far more abundant and beautiful than what we could have dreamed for ourselves. 

H+H: I’ve experienced this and know it’s true, but why is this work so powerful?

Güliz: Because it works! My own life is a testimonial to this. Through these teachings and embodiments, we realise that what is happening within us creates everything externally. That’s when we learn to take responsibility, and we’re able to really get down to the core of what it is that we need to shift. The truth is, a lot of us don’t really know what our blocks are! We have agendas, we think it’s something, for example, like a bad relationship with money when it’s actually coming from our parent’s unhealthy relationship, through their lineage, with money. When we can see the truth, and acknowledge it, it releases the charge. And from there, we become clear, and can begin to embody the shifts we desire.  

H+H. How does your work with animals weave into all of this?

Guliz: There’s not a huge difference between my quantum sessions with or without animals, because, when it comes down to it, the animals are extensions of ourselves. In the quantum, there is no difference between a human body and a dog body or a horse body. What is unique is that the animals tend to bring in a kinder, gentler way for us to look at ourselves. For example, when people come to sessions with their own animals, it’s interesting to see if they are attracting passive aggressive dogs, nervous dogs, or joyful dogs. And in the live sessions I offer on my land, the animals have come to me to do this specific work, and they have become entrained. So that when a human body comes into the presence of these animals and their capacity for observation, plus my capacity to interpret them, it’s life changing!

_ _ _

It sure is. The sessions I’ve done with Guliz, which I wrote about here, have been some of the most perspective-shifting and heart-opening I’ve ever done. Personally, I believe that the entire wellness industry, including spirituality, will be completely transformed by what we learn from quantum mechanics in the next decade. There’s a ton of new research emerging, and once you learn what’s possible at both the micro and macro levels for our own individual and collective possibilities, it just won’t make sense to approach life without the perspective of quantum co-creation.  

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Learn more about Guliz Unlu on her website and Instagram.