Active breathwork is a powerful practice to support personal growth and physical healing which is why it’s extra important to explore this modality with a vetted or recommended breathwork practitioner. If you’ve never tried breathwork, it can be a very powerful way to access non ordinary states of consciousness, which allows the energy of your beautiful mind to take a break, making it easier to tap into the wisdom of your Higher Self. Because breathwork can be very activating it’s important to choose a guide who’s skilled to navigate the entire spectrum of possibilities.

Here, we’re sharing a list of vetted, amazing breathwork practitioners available to offer 1:1 guided breathwork sessions. These are organized by city, but do know that most of these breathwork practitioners is available for virtual guided sessions as well, if you aren’t able to make a live session work. If you have the option, I’d highly recommend doing your first several sessions live, as live sessions offer the added energetic and hands-on support.

Vetted + Recommended Breathwork Practitioners


Monica Krake

Monica’s breathwork sessions are an invitation to land in your body, connect with your heart, and give yourself the gift of accessing your true Self. Breathwork is a powerful way to connect with the innate intelligence of the body, to tap into our essential Selves, and to support any re-patterning that’s needed as we shift into living in a state of wholeness and ease. Monica offers 1:1 sessions, group breathwork sessions in Port Moody, and The Ceremony, a ceremonial approach to helping women get clear on their vision and purpose, and bring it all to life with a beautifully branded website.

Amber Blue

Amber Blue holds a powerful space for the intimate and transformative shamanic-style breathwork circles she leads. You can expect an element of meditation and energy healing when you do breathwork with Amber. She also offers one-to-one guided breathwork sessions, which are very powerful. Amber is based on Salt Spring Island. Book here.

Carmen Ganne

Carmen Ganne A powerful space holder, Carmen’s background in therapy and yoga, so each session is quite holistic, addressing where each person is at, and providing the emotional integration needed for nervous system reset and deep transformation. Book a 1:1 guided session via email here.

Ariana Fokinakis

As a coach, breathwork facilitator, and earth medicine practitioner, Ariana takes a holistic approach when supporting her clients. She believes that every single person on this planet has something special the world needs, and that when we’re well-supported, we become better-equipped to share those gifts. Ariana’s personal experience with substance abuse allows her to compassionately meet her clients where they’re at. Book here.


Ana Lilia

Ana Lilia is a celebrated breathwork coach and intuitive healer, who’s practice focuses on breath as a pathway for transformation. She’s been featured in the LA Times, Harper’s Bazaar, BravoTV, among other publications. Ana is a bright light, and we’d highly recommend her. Book here.

Bree Melanson

As a breathwork practitioner, Bree provides cutting edge concepts and somatic tools to reawaken your innate intuitive connection, unblock deep unconscious limitation, and activate your highest potential. Bree’s live breathwork sessions in Vancouver and LA are typically sold out, so be sure to check out her website and get your tickets early. This is the best way to do a live class with Bree. Learn more.

Shanila Sattar

Shanila Sattar is a 4th generation sound healer, breathwork coach, women’s researcher, national speaker, and host of a Top 6 podcast, The Playground. She is the founder of AlwaysPlay Studios and The Integrative Healing Academy, where she trains sound healers, breathwork facilitators, and mentors aspiring healers. She makes herselve available for 1:1 guided sessions by request. Inquire here.


Tai Hubbert

As a breathwork facilitator, yoga teacher, and integrative wellbeing practitioner, Tai Hubbert, featured in the photo above, draws on a wide toolkit to support mindful inquiry and embodied resource and resilience. Her approach is one of tracking upstream to discover the roots of symptoms manifesting downstream, addressing both the body and nervous system, as well as connection to deeper aspects of one’s being and soul. Her orientation is one of bringing compassionate presence to that which creates suffering, integrating impressions of the past so one can be more available to the gifts of the present. Book a private session here.


Rooted Beings

A welcoming, mission-driven meditation collective that seeks to bring the benefits of consciousness into everyday life by offering their signature nature-infused meditation and breathwork meditation sessions. Rooted Beings offers guided breathwork meditation sessions with Chelsey Scaffidi virtually and live. She’s amazing. Learn more and book a session here.


Black Girls Breathing

Specializing in virtual group sessions, Black Girls Breathing has taken the world by storm. Learn more about upcoming virtual classes and inquire within to discover practitioners they recommend locally in NYC. Learn more.

We’ve covered breathwork quite a lot on Head + Heart, starting with this article on the benefits of breathwork, then sharing this list of ways to try breathwork virutally. If you fall madly in love with this practice, and want to become a facilitator, here’s a list of top breathwork trainings we’ve explored.


Here's a guide to the top breathwork pracittioners we've vetted + recommend in Vancouver, Seattle, Chicago, New York and LA.