Enjoy this gift, a guided grounding meditation to connect with the energy of the earth.

There’s a pretty amazing link between how connected we feel to our own bodies and how connected we feel with the earth, with our planet. Connecting with both is the key to feeling grounded. This guided grounding meditation is designed to help you re-connect with the energy of the earth, which is a key part of our awakening path as humans.

For most of us, we begin our personal growth with reading and learning. We’ll hear or read gems of wisdom that resonate deeply – that we just know to be true. However, when we know something is true with our minds, it’s not yet our own embodied wisdom. Embodiment, like grounding, is the process of allowing what we learn with our minds to be experienced at the level of felt sensations in the body. And, what I’ve discovered is that the energy of the earth helps us to transmute what we know into who we are. This is why we feel more grounded and at-peace in nature. Everything in nature, including us, is intricately connected and woven together. While our minds sometimes tell us that we’re separate, everything in nature shows us that we’re one. 

This guided grounding meditation incorporates earth-based visualizations, which are a powerful way to attune to how connected we already are- both with the energy of the earth, and with our own bodies. I’ve created this guided grounding meditation specifically to help you connect with the energy of the earth, and to receive the support available. This guided visualization is meant to help you re-connect and re-align with your own innate wholeness. You can download + listen below! (Right click to download to your device).

Download This Guided Grounding Meditation to Connect with the Energy of the Earth

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Gift! A free guided visualization to connect with the energy of the earth