The following April 2022 astrology + energy report comes from Business Coach + Earth Medicine Practitioner, Ariana Fotinakis

April is an intense month with seemingly contrasting energies. But don’t let the intensity scare you; if you can settle into your body and pay attention to how the shifts in energy are impacting you personally, you’ll be able to ride the momentum when it’s available and know when it’s time to pause and take a rest. Here are the April 2022 astrology dates, energy insights + a moon ritual for creating harmony.

The Moon

We transition from March to April under the energy of a new moon in Aries, taking place on March 31 or April 1 depending on where in the world you are. This new moon is an opportunity to open yourself up to the intuitive nudges that have been trying to propel you into action. As you begin this lunar cycle, what projects do you want to begin tackling? What visions do you want to bring to life? It’s time to take action without having all the steps in place! Let your journey be a little messy and learn through experience.On April 16, the moon shines in her fullness in the sign of Libra. Libra is all about creating balance, harmony, and peace. In what areas of your life are you seeking more coherence? Have the scales been tipped too heavily towards a specific area of your life? Use the energy of this full moon to take an honest inventory of where you’re spending your energy, attention, and intention. Which aspects of Self require a little more TLC?We finish the month with a new moon and partial solar eclipse in the sign of Taurus on April 30. This cosmic event signals new beginnings within the realms of self worth, finances, material possessions, safety, and security. Which aspects of your relationship with money are still asking for healing? Where are you being called to cultivate a greater sense of self worth? Use this dark moon as an opportunity to explore these themes in your life and what it will feel like when you begin to come back into alignment.

The Cosmos

The sun is in Aries for the first two thirds of the month, propelling us into action with this fiery sign. But although you may be feeling the internal nudges to get out there and make things happen, you may also be sensing a stopping energy from the outside world. Mid-month, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, and Mars will all be in the sign of Pisces, carrying forth the dreamy, intuitive qualities this water sign is so well known for.Listen for the subtle cues your body shares with you during this time. Some days, you may feel fired up and ready to go. If so, honour that energy and take bold action! On the days you feel a little more tired or spacey, give yourself ample time to rest and ground. Remember that life is not linear and that it’s normal to feel fiery and focused one day and sleepy the next.On April 19, we experience a big contrast as the sun transitions from fast-moving Aries into slow and steady Taurus. For those of us sensitive to the hot energy of fire signs, Taurus season will be a welcome change. Taurus is hardworking and committed—if not a little stubborn—but unlike Aries, Taurus likes to slow down and smell the roses.Taurus is the embodiment of “enjoy the fruits of your labour”, so as you continue to work towards bringing your dreams to life, don’t forget to stop and soak in all that you’ve already created.Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, stations retrograde on April 29, where it will remain until October 8. Pluto retrograde asks us to integrate the energetic shifts that have taken place before we bring more shadows to the surface. While retrogrades are jokingly feared in the social media world, Plutonian energy is often less intense when it’s retrograde than it is when it’s direct. Use this time to calibrate to your new energetic frequency because when Pluto stations direct you can expect the massive shifts to pick up again!

Integrate the Energies: A Full Moon in Libra Ritual for Creating Harmony

  1. Draw a large circle on a piece of paper and divide it into four quadrants. Label one quadrant physical, one mental, one emotional, and one spiritual or energetic (whichever term resonates with you most). The Physical quadrant houses qualities such as your physical body, your home, your work-life, and any other physical manifestations in your life. The Emotional quadrant houses your emotions and your relationship to them—your ability to not only feel them, but to name them and express them. The Mental quadrant houses your internal landscape: the thoughts you think, the beliefs you hold, and the narratives by which you live your life. Finally, the Spiritual or Energetic quadrant holds the non-physical qualities of your life—the spiritual practices you engage in and your connection to something greater than yourself.
  2. In each quadrant, list out the tools or practices that support each of these areas of your life. Don’t worry if you aren’t actually utilizing those tools or practices just let; simply brain dump them out.
  3. Then, take an honest look at each quadrant. Are there areas of life you’re giving ample energy and consistently using your tools? Amazing! Are there areas and practices you’ve been neglecting? That’s great too, because this awareness is an opportunity to make a change moving forward.
  4. Select one area of life that’s asking for a little extra TLC to focus on for the next four weeks. When May’s full moon rolls around, take a moment to revisit this practice to see how things have shifted.


Ariana Fotinakis is a business coach, breathwork facilitator, earth medicine practitioner, and founder of The 5D Business Collective. As an expert in spiritual entrepreneurship, she supports her clients to clarify what they want out of life and how to make it a reality. You can work with her via 1:1 coaching or join her Business Collective.


April 2022 astrology dates
Here are the , energy insights + a moon ritual for creating harmony.

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