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I think we can all agree that nothing about 2022 (the year of the Water Tiger) was peaceful, so this year most of us are all too ready to welcome the gentle rabbit.

While rabbits are known for peace and tranquility, they can be vicious if backed into a corner. This is a great metaphor for 2023, the year of the Water Rabbit. Think alignment with fierce boundaries.

As the astrology wheel turns, each year we alternate between yang and yin years; this year brings us a yin year. Next year, the yang Wood Dragon will arrive and begin what the Chinese system claims will be the beginning of a new 20-year age. 

With 2023 being the yin year of The Rabbit, we can expect more tranquil activities, which means getting acquainted with our inner nature and enjoying being reflective and receptive rather than active. 2023 will generally favour more subtle measures over the grandiose and expansive measures of the yang year in 2022.

[Editor’s note] If you’re curious to learn more about the energy of 2023, here’s a great energy forecast by Spiritual Medium Lee Harris. We also love the predictions by Christina the Channel here.

In an astrological chart, every day is assigned one of the ten gods, or elements, which is also referred to as it’s day master.  Essentially, the day master is the element that rules a particular day, and each person has their own guiding element that corresponds to the day they were born on.  If you’re not sure what your guiding element is, you can discover your day master, using the four pillars calculator and entering in your birth details here.

This year’s heavenly stem is yin water, a type of energy or what is referred to as a ‘phase of energy’. Although it can refer to literal water (a teardrop, rain, steam, a river), it can also represents emotions likes sentimentality, adaptability, clarity, and tenaciousness!  In 2023, these water qualities are favoured, meaning that when we conform to the natural laws and embrace this energy, it can help us navigate any challenge successfully. The message: Be like water this year, and you can flow with grace through 2023.

Be like water this year, and you can flow with grace through 2023.

Susan Horning

The best friend of the Rabbit is the Dog, which means 2023 will generally be a good year for anyone born with this sign anywhere in their chart.  Rabbits are part of the artist trio which includes the Pig and Sheep, who are also favoured this year.  This year, the sign with the most change and challenge is the Rooster, so if you’re a Rooster you may need to work harder, make some changes, or possibly suffer a little discontent this year. You can handle it!

Astrology Predictions for the Year of the Rabbit

Here’s a general astrological snapshot for 2023, based on your specific guiding element:

Yin Wood – Water nourishes you.  This is a good time to work more closely with your intuition, understanding the subtle cues around you and cultivating clarity and discernment about what is true and untrue.  Nurture your body with healthy foods, and take only what you need and what is essential to your higher purpose.

Yang Wood – Education could be a great way to spend your time this year, invest in your own growth and discover how this can bring you joy.  Work through any feelings of being the victim, and embrace the path toward true happiness.  Indulge yourself in activities you love and take every chance you get to celebrate.  Life is short and there are times when we simply should not compromise.

Yin Fire – Letting go takes practice, and this year choosing to let something go voluntarily will help you progress and grow into your next cycle with grace and ease.  Practice non-attachment and neutrality in your relationships, and discipline yourself to adhere to your highest principles, making no exceptions.   You have genuine authority this year, but be careful what you say so as not to disturb the peace!

Yang Fire – At last you are being noticed.  Remember that with great power comes great responsibility.  Face obstacles with objectivity, and remind yourself that power that is wielded pridefully has a way of evaporating right when it’s needed most.  Stay humble and correct, and make moves that celebrate your inborn strength of character.

Yin Earth – When the hand of fate turns, it’s wise to count your blessings and express gratitude for all aspects of your life.  Feelings of uncertainty are a sign that you may not have the clarity to make big changes now, and it may be better to stick to well worn patterns instead of trying to take on new or large projects at this time.  Be content to grow slowly, step by step, and you will meet your mark.

Yang Earth – Stress can be an excellent motivator if it’s used correctly.  The pressures that surround you this year are many.  Set priorities and let go of your need to do it all.  If finances are an issue, look for ways to work yourself out of debts and if you’re overworked allow yourself the pleasures and relaxation that money can buy. This might be an excellent year to purchase or sell assets of any kind, including real estate.

Yin Metal – Relax!  The pandemic years may have hit you the hardest and this year you finally get a chance to enjoy the gentle and refined activities that help you to remember what you live for.  Academic and literary pursuits, fine arts of all kinds, and meals out with friends to discuss like-minded topics are favourable now.  You can take time this year to breathe and the world can and will go on without you!

Yang Metal – Looking after your health is a key priority this year and will help inspire your ideas and inspirations now.  Visions for your future can arrive spontaneously if you can take time to receive them.  Take action to pursue your ideas and bring them to fruition – you have the power to manifest now and your talents are appreciated and seen.  Get moving but don’t overdo it – burnout and exhaustion can be a risk now so be careful not to burn the candle at both ends and address any health concerns that arise.

Yin Water – This year is your companion star, and as such is a great year for making friends and acquaintances know how loved they are.  Focus your attention on others and the services you can offer and you’ll find yourself enmeshed in a web of healthy relationships.  Give generously, share freely, and everyone will want to be your friend now!  If you work hard, this year can also help improve your wealth.

Yang Water – Celebrate your unique qualities and look for wise mentors and coaches who can lift your spirits and help you set and achieve your goals.  Don’t forget to look after the little guy on the team – people need you now as much as you need them, so any exchange should be based on mutual rewards and balance give and take.  When you meet others face to face, remember to look for what both parties may have to gain from collaboration.  Together we are more.

Susan Horning is an interested and excited practitioner of Bazi Chinese astrology and Classical Feng Shui and offers individual readings and guidance sessions using astrology and divination tools.  She also works as a clinical herbalist, retreat facilitator, and yoga teacher.  Learn more on her site, and send her a message at to book your personal reading and destiny interpretation.

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