I’ve learned something very perspective-shifting about purpose lately, and to be honest, I’m writing this article both to share it with the world and to help myself understand it better.

First a little context. In December I got really sick and put everything on hold. In January, I still had no energy, and everything that I was planning to be excited about for the ‘new year’, just didn’t happen.

In a slightly obsessive search for validation that I wasn’t  alone in my slowness, I listened to (way more than one) energy updates from celebrity psychics, confirming that a. I’m definitely not alone, and b. as humans we really do move cyclically and seasonally and need to tune into our bodies and nature for Truth. We don’t’ need to be on fire just because it’s January. 

In my slow down, which I’m still in, I’ve been reflecting a lot on how much my purpose is simply my state of being. Which means, in general, that purpose or having a mission on this planet is actually not about what we do for work. 

I’ve realized that I/we carry dogma around doing, manifesting and purpose. Maybe you relate? Books like The Secret, the Law of Attraction, and even newer ideas like Becoming Supernatural all take a pretty masculine approach to purpose, with the direction being that we need to visualize and create what we want, to then become it. 

Though I’ve personally stepped more into the perspective of Quantum Co-creation, last week I was given such a unique and beautiful perspective that has helped me to view Purpose in a whole new light, that I had to share this!

In a divinely timed introduction, I had the opportunity to receive a session with Dr. Connie Kaplan, who offered me one of the most beautiful, feminine understandings of Purpose and what it means to really live our gifts as humans. 

Connie is known as an author and teacher, who’s written several books, and been featured on many podcasts and shows, including Gaia TV

Her story is unique. She was in television production, living the sweet life with her kids and husband in LA. Then one day, on her father’s deathbed, Connie was sending up an intention for her dad to pass peacefully, and she encountered two angels in the room, who explained that they were there with a request: They wanted Connie to help people understand what purpose really is, and they asked her to share the information that she would (eventually) begin to teach.

What the Angels Said About Purpose

Here are some of the key excerpts from my conversation with Connie. There were so many beautifully stated concepts, I thought it best to share them exactly as she teaches them:

“Most people think our incarnation is about doing, accomplishing or learning something. It’s not that at all. It’s about being something. It’s about having agreed to come into form for no other reason than to be this particular configuration of energy that you agreed to be. The more we can BE what we came here to be, then anything that we are to do, just shows up to be done. The doing takes care of itself.”

“When you decide ‘I’m going to create my LIfe’, you’ve already separated yourself. Instead, when you say, ‘I’m going to allow Life to Live itself through me and I’m going to be exquisitely present’ then you’re living your purpose.” 

“What this work does is point out all the things that are RIGHT about you. When you embody all that is right about you, you can no longer look at yourself as needing healing, or being broken. And then you can’t look at other people that way, either. When we be our gift, it changes our perspective on everything that we think needs to happen. Because when you know yourself truthfully, there is no room for anything else. When we are in the Presence of our own Highest Truth, nothing else can exist.” 

“So even when we find ourselves ‘trying’ to do or create something, we are getting stuck in willful behaviour, and that’s  not being. Yes, there are things that we are to do and these will show up to be done. Period.”

Understanding Your Gift + Guiding Principles

Connie teaches that we can understand what our individual gift is by looking at our natal chart. Based on the position of the sun and moon at our time of birth, and by knowing the  corresponding number in those quadrants of the chart, we can know what our specific gift is and the key spiritual principles that wrapped themselves around us at the time of our first breath. 

While I’ve never personally deeply explored my natal chart, or Human Design or even the Eneagram very deeply (I guess I don’t like the idea of any system telling me more about myself than I already innately feel), I kept an open heart to Connie’s teachings, as she walked me through my chart and what it means. Scroll below for my key personal takeaways, as all of what she shared was deeply aligned. 

It’s not just that the information Connie shared was affirming, the energy behind it helped me to re-frame what it is to be here in human form. It helped me remember that we change the world through our energy. Through this, we begin to understand ourselves so deeply, that we can finally get over ourselves, and experience unity consciousness. 

This work is not about change. We don’t need to take a big leap to change our jobs, move across the world, or anything drastic at all (we can if we want of course). But we can simply, beautifully, deliver our gifts exactly as we are. We have everything we need. Connie’s message: We are born to deliver the gift that we are. Everything else will take care of itself.

Learn more about Connie’s work:

My personal takeways from working with Connie:

  • We are born to deliver a gift, and we are born to be a gift
  • The gift we are is primarily defined by the position of the sun at our time of birth. In my chart, that is number 28, which corresponds to the gift of Love. The things I am to do are directly connected to delivering Love into the planet, in a grounded way. Side note: I literally have been talking about my purpose lately in terms of holding a space of Love for others. This slight shift in language- towards being a gift of Love, really feels aligned. 
  • Mother Earth is a key aspect of my life. I am here to understand Mother-ness. I’m here to release the belief around a relationship between Mother and Daughter, and re-connect with the truth of my relationship to Earth as the Mother. 
  • My moon principle is the evolutionary principle, which is a key aspect of my existence: I am here for the evolution of myself, humanity in general, and the earth. I’m also born near a new moon, so my energy is tied to new beginnings, which means that I always believe that every moment can be a new beginning. So true.
  • I’m here to transmute the energies of others, and help it land with them in a more aligned, healing way. You have no idea how much this has been coming up lately, especially in the breathwork sessions I offer. 
  • One of my key spiritual principles is Attraction. This means, I actually shouldn’t push too hard to get places/do things. I need to allow Life to bring what needs to be done or explored. This also feels very aligned. 
  • I’m here to embody the balance between giving and receiving. Maybe we don’t need to slog so hard in order to enjoy life. Maybe we can just be Present and that’s enough.

The truth about purpose: Dr. Connie Kaplan shares her teachings.