Written by Monica Krake, founder of Head + Heart.

While it’s true we are each our own wisest teacher, at the same time, the deepest healing and growth happens in relationships – aka community. 

As my friend Rani recently said, “In the same way that our deepest wounds happen in relationships, our deepest healing happens in relationships, too.”

I’ve personally found this to be true. The magic of being witnessed, in whatever pain or confusion or struggle we’re in -however uncomfortable – is transformative. 

Thank God, there are many different types of communities, with different personalities, so it is possible to find one that feels right (really!). 

Testing the waters is part of finding a community that ultimately could hold a space for your growth and expansion – so it’s worth trying. 

Here are five, currently virtual, communities led by authentic and grounded teachers who care about supporting others. As always, if you have any questions about my personal experience with each of the following, send me a note and I’d love to chat.

Lea Morrison Membership

This group, led by the dynamic Lea Morrison, offers mindset challenges, mini classes and mindful evolution, as well as virtual yoga and breathwork classes, group coaching, and group medical mediumship (it’s really cool!). The Lea Morrison Membership is a monthly membership and community where you can show up as your authentic self, wherever you’re at, with whatever baggage or challenges, and get the support you need on your personal and healing journey. My experience of this group is that it offers a safe, supportive space and an authentic community. Learn more

Wild Heart Sisterhood with Patricia Clum

Led by spiritual teacher, Patricia Clum, the invitation in this group is to get to know and accept your own heart, to heal, and to rise together. The Wild Heart Sisterhood is essentially a virtual group on Facebook, pretty unstructured and free to join, offering you a place where you can explore journal prompts, get to know like-minded women, and learn about occasional retreats and Zoom meetings led by Patricia Clum for extra support. Learn more.

Awakening Shakti Series with Abneet Sandhar

Awakening Shakti is an immersive, integrative transformational 8 week *closed circle* woman’s self-care and chakra healing program that runs for 8 consecutive weeks. Designed by teacher Abneet Sandhar, pictured in this blog!, to help you EMBODY your divine temple with tangible self-care tools and gifts each week with ‘home-play’ assigned week to week. We will balance, learn about and embody each chakra each week. This is a group to help you grow in community.

Sacred Circle Collective Weekly Meet Up With Tara

The Sacred Circle Collective is a weekly meetup that’s for anyone ready to navigate the light and shadows within.This community asks for your commitment. It asks for you to show up for yourself. Being active in this group is part of the practice of liberation, and it will trigger pieces of you, alerting you to places that are ready for healing and nourishment. If you’re ready to dive deeper into your healing path, this group offers a beautiful invitation with guidance from a great teacher, Tara.

Community Gathering with Ana Lilia + Six-Week Breathwork Journey with Tia Hubbert

These are two ways to tap into community for those who love breathwork as path of transformation. Ana Lilia’s weekly gathering is a place to land to share a breathwork journey in a virtual space. It’s less about getting to know others, and more about journeying with each other through a shared love of breathwork. Tai Hubbert’s Six-Week Series offers more chances for personal connections with each other and with Tia. Both are beautiful, with excellent guidance, depending what you’re up for.

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