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Psych and Soul Therapy was founded by Rani Sandhu and Laura Montgomery, to bring clinical counselling together with spiritual work. The result: Soul Work.With training in both somatic and experiential therapies, Rani and Laura are able to help their clients befriend and transform stuck, often lifelong patterns, and remove the emotional blocks that are getting in the way of joy, peace, and meaningful connections.
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Soul Work Therapy

For Individuals, Couples and Families.We offer an honouring space to support remembering your wholeness. Rooted in work through somatic, neoursocience and attachment therapy, we honour the authentic whole place that rises and lives within each person and we activate, support and offer witness to the unfolding of one’s authentic self. We believe that the movement toward wholeness is already wanting to happen within each person. Book a consult to explore working with us!

Programs Psych + Soul Offers

Parenting as a Transformative Path

The Parenting as a Transformative Path program helps you find the transformative opportunity that parenting offers while strengthening your family relationships. If you have a difficult child, or difficult parenting dynamics, this program will show you how to adapt a conscious approach, to relieve the tension, and move towards the opportunities for growth.
I have worked closely with Laura and Rani. I know them to be skillful and compassionate Counsellors. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone wishing to develop self-love and deeper intimacy with the people in their life - including children.

Sonia Kowalewski, CPA

Laura and Rani have such a calming presence and I feel they really "get it" when it comes to psychotherapy, because they are grounded in spiritual principles.

Anne Pepper, Writer,

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