How to Be Your Own Healer: Corrina Choe

How to Be Your Own Healer

The following article is written by Corrina Choe, Intuitive  Medicine Seer + Shamanic Healer. Corrina has studied as a Life Coach, Shamanic Healer, Integrated Energy Healer, Yoga teacher and Qi Gong practitioner, and shares her wisdom on how to find your OWN path. 

Many years ago, I started down a journey as a girl filled with fear and trauma in her body.  I had no idea how to fill the gaping emptiness inside me, so I looked outside myself.  I looked to experiences that allowed me to numb the pain, and to wellness practices and modalities which made me feel a little better.  The only place I did not look was inside myself, because I didn‚Äôt trust myself or the voice within.

As time went by, the inner voice became louder and louder, so I sought out ways to access this deeper part of me and to finally learn to listen. Then, for a while, I became consumed with all the healing practices out there (see my bio above for evidence!), which distracted me from my own truth. Finally, I learned that I am my own Healer, and that’s when the magic happened.

Finding Your Own Path

No matter where you are on your path right now, whether you resonate more with faith, science or the mystical, finding your own path is the journey to connecting with your own power, and to eventually sourcing your own wisdom and healing from within. As you learn to listen to your Intuition/Higher Self/Soul (pick your preference!) you‚Äôll gain clarity for your path forward. 

I‚Äôve come to believe that for each of us, there is an entrance that we find, a practice that pulls us deeply towards ourselves, and helps us listen to our own Truth ABOVE all external teachings. Through a lot of trial and error, Shamanism found me and was my invitation to accept the intuitive gifts that I was born with; to source my own wisdom and healing as needed. 

If this sounds a bit out there, it‚Äôs because stepping into power requires stretching your paradigm. I‚Äôve seen countless people tap into magic and wisdom they didn‚Äôt know they had. 

I have seen clients who overcame depression and anxiety, who walked away from unhealthy relationships, got pregnant when they were told they couldn’t. I have seen women turn their wounds into wisdom and courageously step out on their path.  I have seen women learn how to tap into their higher self and create a world they dreamed about beyond any belief system held in their mind.

Learning to Listen Deeply + Soul Retreival

Sadly, almost everyone is suffering from Soul Separation. Soul Separation is a shamanic term but it applies to everyone, and can show up in many ways. Soul Separation happens when our soul disconnects from our body because it doesn’t feel safe. Sometimes this happens through Trauma, and sometimes through gradual disconnection. Common signs of Soul Separation include feeling numb in the body, constantly seeking personal growth or spiritual growth, being very emotional (not be confused with empathic), feeling disconnected from your life and from the people around you, feeling lonely, seeking love and attention from others, and not honoring your own inner voice,

Soul retrieval is the process of aligning the soul back to the body. 

Often, our human bodies need some healing before that alignment can fully happen. Therapy is my recommended starting point for pretty mucheveryone. Then, the process of aligning back with your own Soul/Higher Self becomes more fluid and more powerful as you adapt supportive, healing practices that are true for you. There are LOTS of amazing practices: Contemplation, meditation, yoga, breathwork, Qi Gong. Choosing a practice that feels like yours is key, and you may need to try a few before you know what that is. 

In my last article for Head + Heart, I shared the practices that have most helped me connect with my Spirit Guides. My process of Deep Listening always includes creating a sacred space, burning fragrance, inviting my Guides, and opening to receive. You may find a similar ceremonial approach supports your own deep listening OR you may find that you need another practice like meditation, sound, movement or breathwork to open up to listen deeply. Honour the practice that helps you feel most connected and aligned.

Accessing Your Divine DNA 

As you begin to listen deeply to your own wisdom, through a regular practice, you‚Äôll  begin to tap into your Divine DNA. 

We all have a Divine DNA, alongside the Ancestral DNA we‚Äôve had since birth. Our Divine DNA holds all of the possibilities and outcomes for us – even the ones we have not thought about.  When we learn to activate our Divine DNA, life presents miracles to us every day.  

I had a client who was struggling with alcohol addiction for 15 years due to past childhood trauma.  By guiding and supporting him through medicine journeys he was able to tap into the original place of wounding and receive the wisdom that was there for him.  Today he receives guidance and advice from Spirit whenever he needs strength and courage.  He utilizes ceremony as part of his own toolbox of self support. Everyday is a miracle for him now that he has activated his own intuition and guidance.  

Our Divine DNA is our Superhuman potential; it’s where we connect with our powerful abilities to move energy, and to access wisdom, healing, and counselling for ourselves and often for others as well.

There will come a time when you can let go of all of your past teachers with gratitude and go to the wisest teacher of all: Yourself.  Not that you‚Äôll never again need coaching or support, but when we learn to access our ability to heal ourselves, the entire dynamic changes to one of personal empowerment, and unlimited possibility. 

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Corrina is a beautiful healer known for her ability to help people access deeper intuition. If you‚Äôd like to practice with her, right now, she‚Äôs offering her 30 minute Spirit Guide Sessions for $90 to Head + Heart (regularly they are $350 for one hour). If you‚Äôre curious about Spirit Guides and learning to access your own Spirit Guides, take a peak at her last article. Any questions? Let‚Äôs connect.