In this article Monica Krake, Founder of Head + Heart asked Manifesting Mentor, Lisa Roulette to share some wisdom on spiritual manifestations. Take a read!

This summer, I’ve been discovering that manifesting is so much more than just ‘getting what we want’. Spiritual manifestion requires doing the deep work of healing our limiting beliefs around self-worth, and letting go of striving. Real, spiritual manifesting, means becoming an energetic and spiritual match for our highest potential.

Spiritual Manifestations Are The Real Deal

But you need to be ready.

Inspired by my curiosity to learn to manifest in a more holistic way, I reached out to Lisa Roulette, an Ascension Guide, Healer and Manifesting Mentor. Here role is to be a support system for those who may know about their potential, and know about the possibilities of manifesting but haven’t embodied them to the point of seeing what they desire come to life. Sound familiar? I’ve sure been there.

Healing and Manifesting

Lisa explains that healing and manifesting go hand in hand. In other words, this work is not about quick fixes. After being widowed with two young children, and then barely surviving an abusive relationship, Lisa lost her will to live and went through a very dark night of the soul which she candidly talks about on her website. Along her healing journey, Lisa learned that when we transcend our wounds permanently, we open our awareness to the vast potential that is available to us when we’re not hyper-focused on our wounds. From this space, we can begin to manifest with ease and grace.

Spiritual Manifestations

If you want to establish a grounded manifesting practice,to support the spiritual manifestations you desire, Lisa suggests you start with these five steps and then build from there.

1. Get clear on what you want – not just for yourself but for the collective.

The universe favors those who abide by the Law of One. In other words, those who work their manifesting magic based on the fact that we are all connected energetically. This is key to spiritual manifestations. When we try to create in a vacuum with only our needs, wants or desires in mind, we break the harmonious flow that is required for effortless manifestation. But when we know how our manifestation will benefit the collective, then higher energies known as the Universe, angels, guides, guardians and even ascended masters have an easier time assisting us.

Journal Prompt: Write Down Your 5 Whys. Give power to your manifestation by knowing why it matters to you and the world around you. Rather than coming up with one ‘why’ for your spiritual manifesting goals, explore each of your responses to ‘why’ with yet another ‘why?’. This process will help to initiate your will to pull your manifestation into the material realm.

2. Address any of the self worth reasons that have kept you from going after what you want.

A wounded belief system is the primary cause of resistance in the process of manifestation. Collectively we all share five core beliefs from which all other beliefs are born. Our core beliefs include whether we feel love-able, deserving, powerful, worthy and believe we are enough as we measure ourselves against the rest of the world. Since most of us are not taught how to believe that we truly are loveable, deserving, powerful, worthy and more than enough, it’s safe to assume that most of us have a wounded belief system, and are in need of healing. Clean these beliefs up first or you might end up feeling hopeless during the manifestation process.

Journal  Prompt: Journal your I AM story. We are not who we think we are and should never judge ourselves based on who we think ourselves to be. We have the ability to become any person we desire at any time in our lives. Start telling yourself a new story about who you are becoming using I AM as you announce to the universe your new truth. Write this down, and begin to speak it into your life.

3. Seek truth from within.

We begin to manifest using our consciousness which consists of our thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Consciousness flows in a stream and our individual consciousness is highly affected by the collective consciousness. This means that we can easily be pulled into what we call the hive mind which currently is swarming with confusion, fear and uncertainty. The highest spiritual manifestations begins outside of the hive mind, outside of the collective consciousness, and outside of reality. They begin in the realm of pure consciousness that does not rely on what the five senses can perceive. To spiritually manifest what you truly desire you have to accept it as truth by conditioning your consciousness through discipline of the mind, intentionally constructing healthy beliefs that support you, and allowing new feelings of safety, security, assistance and abundance to arise within you.

Journal Prompt: What’s true for me? Explore your truth from within by taking reality out of it. If it’s abundance you seek to manifest – decide how that abundance is true for you. Does it come in the form of material wealth? Love and relationships? Health and wellbeing? Write down your manifestation in detail to build the energy of it. Key: Don’t attach yourself to the details.

4. Choose one life value appropriate to your manifestation and live it out consistently.

Like beliefs, most of us hold an outdated and complex value system that also causes resistance to our manifestation. Many people don’t even realize what values they’re living by and as a result blindly keep their manifestation at bay. Values form in a hierarchy and it’s extremely important to evaluate this hierarchy to determine why you subconsciously behave in certain ways. For instance, after working with hundreds of women in toxic and painful relationships, although they think they have a healthy set of values which include love, cooperation, fun, respect, and companionship- their hierarchy is upside down. When we evaluate the order in which these values have importance, 9/10 times we find that before anything else, she places the most value on companionship – thereby sacrificing love, cooperation, fun and respect just to have someone by her side. In Self-Worth Accelerator, I explain how choosing expansion as your primary value is ideal because it propels you through the growth necessary to master the art of bringing spiritual manifestations to life, and living with greater ease and love.

Journal prompt: Answer the question: ‘How do I want to experience my life’? Most of us won’t say stuck, sad, stifled or sick but oftentimes that’s precisely where old outdated values lead us. Write down a list of adjectives that describe your ideal life experience and then put them into a hierarchy. The value listed at the tippy top is the one you should focus all of your energy and attention on.

5. Quiet the ego.

The power, presence and process of the ego must be understood to become an expert at spiritual manifesting. Since the ego’s job is to individuate, separate and self-actualize, it can block access to our higher powers which are to heal and create our life experience. These powers are executed via the spirit but if you’ve lived your entire life by the ego, then it’s not likely you’ve come to know your spirit quite yet. The ego is loud and it thrives on drama and trauma but the more you come to know it, the more likely you are to have control over it. The goal with the ego is to silence it just enough in order to hear the soft whisper of the spirit. It is the spirit that has the power and wisdom to lead you to your manifestation. The most important thing to keep in mind, however, is this: If a manifestation is not in line with your soul’s purpose during this lifetime, it will likely not manifest. And, if you persist and use your ego to force your desired spiritual manifestations this will likely be a painful process. This is why chipping away at the ego is so important. The spirit will always guide you to manifestations that are meant for your soul’s evolution and expansion.

Journal prompt: I listen to the whisper of my spirit and it tells me this. This requires quiet time to meditate, contemplate, or reflect on various life experiences. At first, you may not come up with much but by simply intending to listen you’ll open the gates of communication with your spirit. Take some time in stillness, and write down what comes through. This is a way of giving the spirit permission to come forward and hear the truth that it holds for you.

For anyone who wants to learn to spiritual manifesting, Lisa offers 1:1 manifesting coaching and has just launched a brand-new Manifesting Membership, which serves as a support group for people who are on an awakening AND manifesting journey. In this group, Lisa uses astrology as an ascension tool and guides people through healing and manifesting by interpreting what the skies are telling us. You’ll learn not only to manifest goals and dreams but to embody the nature of what it is to be a manifestor in this world. Check it out.


5 Steps to Spiritual Manifestations