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Lisa Roulette Manifesting Mentor

Lisa Roulette

Lisa is an Ascension Guide, Healer and Manifesting Mentor. She helps women and men navigate the rocky road of spiritual awakening and leads them toward their personal power so that they can heal and create a life they love. As a former Corporate Exec, Certified Professional Life Coach, and Reiki Master, Lisa uses pragmatic tools combined with intuitive coaching skills and proprietary processes to assist her clients in understanding their soul's journey and reaching their highest potential.

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One on One Coaching

A way to discover what you truly desire in life, whether or not your desires are in line with your soul's purpose, tools, and techniques for meeting your highest potential in business life and love, and healing energy blocks and beliefs that no longer serve you.

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Manifesting Membership

A group membership program that assists you in designing more pointed manifestations, more powerful intentions, and significantly higher vibrations through education, practice, and live monthly group meditations.

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  • Self Worth Accelorator

    We're here to live abundantly and without regret. And, the only way to do that is by building self-worth. This Self Worth Accelorator program is for men and women at any stage of their spiritual awakening to help them build confidence and a powerful life they love.

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Lisa provided me with tools that assisted me in navigating into a new reality. I operate from a different place now- a place of strength, power, self-love, and authenticity. Since working with Lisa, my life has grown abundantly. I'm at the top of my game professionally and I've met the woman of my dreams.

Natalie Yallouz

I'm a licensed counselor and have worked and learned with many top professionals in my field. I was absolutely amazed when I met and worked with Lisa. She is head and shoulders above any coach and frankly, any counselor I've ever worked with. She has wisdom about the healing journey that no textbook could teach you and her knowledge of manifesting as part of your spiritual awakening journey is simply incredible. I have a new sense of purpose and well-being having worked with Lisa.

Harper Fitzsimmons