The following article is written by Carmen Ganne, an internationally trained breathwork specialist renowned for holding space for others to deeply transform and evolve. In ths article, Carmen explains how and why the breath is the key to helping us access our highest potential. If you love this topic, you can also listen to our podcast conversation about how breathwork can support your highest potential. Enjoy! 

Your Breath Gives You Access to a Higher Vibrational Landscape

Our breath supports our journey to wholeness by calling all the parts of us home. Through active breathwork, our breath supports us in bringing together those disconnected, dissociated or fragmented parts of ourselves, helping us complete cycles and patterns that have been held in the nervous system, for many years, for many of us. It’s when we haven’t experienced the space to truly complete and release old patterns in the body, that we feel disconnected from our body (or certain parts of it), or unable to engage in certain relationships or situations based on our past experiences. 

In this way, the breath can become a powerful portal to stepping into our highest potential, because it has the ability to not only support deep healing, but to also shift the vibrational landscape of our entire being. 

When the vibrational quality of our being shifts from working with a practice like conscious connected breathwork, the overall frequency that we emit changes from a lower density frequency to a higher one. This means that our relationship to the people, places, things and experiences around us changes, and we land in resonance with different frequencies than before. Now, opportunities and connections that we once desired but weren’t previously in alignment, become available as a match for our being and our state. 

As we live a more embodied, empowered and present journey, the gap between where we desire to be and where we are starts to close.

Breathwork Supports Your Truest Expression of Self

The breath supports our truest expression by opening up the pathways to fully feeling what we may have previously held stored in the body, unexpressed. As we deepen our breath, we deepen our capacity to feel, and this includes feeling the dormant emotions that may have lived in the body for a very long time. 

On the other side of unexpressed emotion and stored/stuck energy is freedom. As we develop a conscious relationship with our breath, so much freedom opens up. Paying attention to how we breathe gives us information about how to unblock chakras.  For example, consciously breathing into our belly and root chakra supports a freer flow of the breath into that particular area, supporting our ability to access a deeper sense of safety in the body. With this activation in the foundation or roots of the body, there can be a corresponding activation of our center of expression in the throat, thanks to a somatic link between the roots and the throat. A relationship with our breath invites us into a remarkably intimate relationship with ourselves. Seeing, hearing, honouring and celebrating ourselves in new ways and allowing others to see, hear, honour and celebrate us too. Conscious breathwork also invites movement and flow in the body, which supports us with a greater sense of freedom and the confidence to show up exactly as we are.

Breathwork Enhances the Mind-Body-Soul Connection

Because breathwork supports our expansion by literally changing the vibrational quality of our being, it also expands the space that we take up literally – in our energy field and in our posture. 

As we deepen our relationship to our breath, we have the opportunity to witness lower density frequencies transmute into higher ones. This means that where the body had previously held tension, tightness and dis-ease resulting from a denseness in the tissue, the cells now have the ability to expand and move freely, restoring optimal functioning and communication among the cells, and revitalizing all of the body’s systems.

By restoring the mind, body, soul connection and the return to holistic mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health, our own breath changes our energy field and cellular makeup. As we learn the intricate and intimate language of our breath we become fluent in the language of our cellular body as well. We are able to more easily receive the signs and signals that something may be out of balance far sooner than before. We are able to more easily discern what practices, people, nourishment and aspects of our lifestyle are genuinely in support of our being’s desire to calibrate towards its version of thriving and those that may interfere with that. 

Breathwork Connects Us With Our Body’s Wisdom + Deeper Embodiment 

The breath supports optimal functioning in the body by increasing the amount of freshly oxygenated blood delivered throughout the body, to revitalise the functioning of the cells and the quality of the tissues. The breath is the body’s most important waste management system so free-flowing breath / functional breathing restores proper intake and output of the body’s most fundamental source of fuel and vitality. It means that the body is receiving what it needs while releasing what it doesn’t, without the interference of old patterning and conditioning that could get in the way. 

My definition of deep embodiment is the experience of being and feeling deeply connected to and within the body. This means bringing to physical, manifested, material form those things that we desire for a meaningful life. It means fully embracing and savouring the experience of being human and walking upon this earth as part of it.

The breath supports deep embodiment by inviting the experience of descending into the body. Of being able to be present to feeling sensations and emotions as waves of energy as they move through. Of being able to feel connected to and care for the human we have been given (that’s your own self!). With each breath we are able to witness creation as the formless takes form.

Breathwork connects us with our Soul’s purpose

Finally, breathwork is a beautiful way to access and bring forth the optimal expression of the soul’s purpose. This may include great luxury, but it’s not about Ego. 

Breathwork supports the optimal expression of your soul’s purpose through bringing you into the richest, most expansive relationship with your entire being. It sparks the creation of an optimal and authentic vibrational resonance which brings with it clarity, guidance and support along our soul’s path. When we are riding the current of our own life force energy, we are living in flow with the purpose and legacy of our life. Being able to sense and feel life so deeply on this earthly plane means breathwork also creates a beautiful experience of luxury for the soul, living embodied in a way that it wouldn’t otherwise get to experience. Breathwork isn’t the what, it’s the how. The what is living the legacy we are here to leave.

About Carmen Ganne

You can learn more or work with Carmen’s via her 1:1 offers and breathwork trainings. If you’re new around here and not sure what you need, our Intuition Test is a fun way to learn to trust your inner guidance. For those on the path of spiritual entrepreneurship, breathwork is one of the best tools we know to align with your purpose and passions. 

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