It can take hours to curate the right playlist for an occasion; I’ve recently discovered that curating a thoughtful breathwork playlist takes even longer! If you’ve already established an at-home breathwork meditation practice, then you know how important music is for setting the pace and tone of your breath meditation. Music supports us in dropping even deeper into the rhythmic pattern of the breath, and in releasing whatever emotions or energies come up. After writing about virtual breathwork journeys for Shut Up & Yoga magazine, I wanted to offer this companion article to set you all up with a great list of breathwork music when you’re ready to begin your own practice at home. 

Each of the following breathwork playlists comes from a teacher I love, and each offers a unique vibration. Personally, I find that breathing to music with words sometimes enhances the experience and sometimes the words feel way too distracting. Whatever your preferences are, the following breathwork playlists are yours for the taking. Enjoy.

Ariana Fotinakis Breathwork Playlists

Tai Hubbert’s Breathwork Playlist

Annalise Sullivan’s Breathwork Playlist

Bree Melanson’s Breathwork Journey Playlist

Written by Monica Krake, Founder of Head + Heart. Any q’s? Send me a DM.