What if it’s ALL happening FOR you?

The following article is written by Monica Krake, the founder of Head + Heart. Monica is also a mother of two, an almost-certified breathwork facilitator, and co-owner of a boutique marketing agency in Vancouver.

Big shifts are happening for so many people at this time. In my circles, the majority of my friends and family are contemplating a career shift, relationship change, or a move. In this Head + Heart community, many of you are talking about making big changes in the way you show up in life, how you serve, and how you view the world. I’m right there with you. I had a strong vision to launch the wellness directory a few months ago, and now I’m sensing that this platform can evolve differently than my initial vision saw it, and I want to step into a different paradigm, to hold space for people in ways I never have before. 

Change can be terrifying. It’s possible that the biggest barrier to personal change is NOT fearing judgment from others but actually putting our own selves in a box (that we create). Many of us have trauma responses related to identity. To step into a new way of seeing ourselves requires stepping into a new paradigm for how we see the world, simultaneously. Sometimes, our physical and emotional bodies need a little time to catch up to our soul’s knowing (soul loss is another way to explain this) and this is where it really helps to arm ourselves with the right tools and support. 

Remember, we are essentially one being. Our emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual dimensions are interconnected. Growth in one area, is growth in all areas. If you’re feeling a soul calling towards something new and different, you may find that your negativity bias takes over, and tries to “keep you safe” by keeping you in that box. 

Here’s a simple journal practice that can help you override this bias, and support your Higher Self, even while your humanness flares up and tries to get in the way. This goes beyond the average intention-setting practice. It’s pretty simple:

Every day, pay attention to the evidence life brings you to show you that you’re on the right track. 

If this sounds like pie-in-the-sky sign seeking, it’s not. We all receive evidence every day in the form of gifts, supportive words from friends, a tip from a stranger, an unexpected opportunity. If we don’t make room to see how life is supporting us, the support is easy to miss. As you make a conscious effort to notice the ways life is supporting your path forward, begin to write down any way – big or small- that support comes your way.

As you do this for a while, you’ll begin to discover yourself living with a new default, one of actually assuming you’re supported and that your own intuition is your best source of information. This practice supports your deepest intentions in a powerful way, that’s different from the (also helpful) intention-setting practices I’ve done before. 

I’ll share a little story from my own experience. So, you know me from my role as the woman behind this spiritual + wellness platform. Sometimes I feel like a poser because in real life, I don’t always practice what I know. I yell at my kids from time to time, freak out when my husband doesn’t buy organic spinach, and a bad mood sometimes gets the better of me. AND, I’ve been feeling a deep desire to step into holding sacred space for others by offering breathwork and emotional support. I’m at the beginning of a new path, which feels very exposing.

After doing a couple of coaching sessions, I realized that my own paradigm is the barrier. The way I see myself, not the way others see me, is what’s blocking me from tapping into greater creativity with how this new path unfolds. That said, when one of my coaches asked me to document the evidence I’ve seen that I’m on the right track, I could immediately name the following:

  • The gift of four different coaching and somatic therapy sessions arrived in my inbox, all of which have been incredibly enlightening and supportive.
  • An opportunity to do Breathwork Teacher Training (on a trade basis) with a teacher I love. 
  • The offer from a trusted spiritual teacher, who wants to support me to shape up my new direction and offer. She has offered to do this as an exchange for marketing support.
  • Affirmation from several very close friends that they already consider me their coach, so this direction was not a surprise to them.

Writing down all of this evidence has helped me feel affirmed on a practical and spiritual level.  I may have totally missed really acknowledging all of this support if I hadn’t written it down. This new practice is here to stay.

So, what about you? I’d love to hear what happens when you start to document the evidence in your own life. Try this for a week, and see what comes your way. And you’re welcome to reach out to let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear from you. 

Written by Monica Krake, founder of Head + Heart. Follow her @Headplusheart