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6 Journal Prompts to Support Healing + Expansion

There’s a lot of talk about getting past 2020 and moving on to something better. But let’s be honest: were things all that perfect and balanced on the planet before Covid hit? 

2020 has made it more clear than ever that we all need to be responsible for our own inner state: Our healing, our ability to be compassionate, our capacity for love – if we’re going to survive (and ideally thrive) as a race. 

Imagine what this planet could be if we all do tap into our greatest capacity for love?

Waking up to our own inner state is a process. This process requires taking stock of the thoughts and emotions that act as barriers in our lives and inviting greater awareness around the thoughts that tend to take over. 

There’s even a lot of research backing up the fact that we have the capacity to change our lives simply by changing our thoughts, One of the most empowering books (filled with interesting research findings) is Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza – it’s pretty much required reading for anyone wanting to change habitual thought patterns that are causing pain. If you’ve ever had the thought: “I’ll never change” or “This will never get better”, this book will be your new best friend. 

As you consider your path ahead in 2021, we’d like to share a few expansiveness-inspiring journal prompts you can work with to help bring perspective, balance, healing, and expansion to your life. As you consider each of these provocative prompts, I would love to know which if these resonates with you, and how this process goes!

Sending you tons of love and unlimited potential for your year ahead. 

“Dearest soul, I know I have been carrying the heavy illusion of ____. I see now that this is an invitation for me to _____. I’m ready to _____.”

This prompt comes from spiritual medium + breathwork healer, Bree Melanson. She explains: “Instead of “releasing all that does not serve you” or the “negative energy”, consider the spiritual wisdom these things carry beyond what’s presented at the surface. Everything bares purpose – and the purpose of all things is to expand. If your “blocks” were really invitations from your soul to expand into a higher awareness, what is the invitation? What higher, unconditional truth is asking to be activated within you?” Find more guidance from Bree here.

Show Me

The simple yet powerful inquiry of  “Show me….” comes from spiritual teacher, Patricia Clum. For example: “Show me my next best step towards [insert your goal]” or “Show me peace.” Explains Patricia: “Asking this question allows Self to step into witness and literally notice the filters or veils blocking one’s heart from peace. When we journal or pray to be shown, we often will be shown. For example, we’ll be shown where peace is not, as the painful spaces come up to get our attention. As you continue to journal and process with the contraction of un-peaceful areas in your life, you will actually be learning peace. As you continuously ask to be shown peace, life will begin to reflect peace back to you peace. Sticking with one prompt for a few weeks helps to create a movement in your physical & energetic fields, as your heart opens to the vibration of peace. “Show me” is the catalyst for your own soul to guide you all the way home.” Find more guidance from Patricia here.

How can I uncover and receive what I desire most, deeply within myself?

This prompt comes from mystic guide + renowned yoga teacher, Natalie Backman. I love this Natalie’s prompt because it’s a reminder that whatever we need and want, is already within us. In 2020, I worked with the mantra: “You are exactly where you are meant to be. You are exactly who you are meant to be.” How do you feel when you imagine that what you desire is already yours? Find more guidance from Natalie here.

What belief do I need to walk away from to live my best life? 

  • Who would I be without this belief? 
  • Where would I like to place my attention that is freed up by letting go of this belief? 
  • How do I plan to take responsibility for working with this belief?

This series of prompts comes from Rani and Laura from Psych & Soul, and reflects their spiritual counselling work. As Laura explains: “When you consider an example, such as believing you are not good enough, or a belief you hold that’s related to blaming others, or playing small in your life, ask yourself:  how could releasing that untrue belief change your energy and shift your life?” This is an incredibly powerful inquiry that comes out of the teachings of Lalitha.  Find more from Psych & Soul here.

2020 was the year of _____________. 2021 will be the year of ________.”

This inquiry comes from Life Coach Marcilie Smith Boyle. Every year, for the past several years, she sends all her past and current clients a year-end inquiry that goes like this: First, think about all of the ups (joys, wins, celebrations), and all of the downs (disappointments, failures, losses) experienced in 2020 and make a list of both. Next, make a 3rd list to highlight the learning from these events that you want to be sure to bring with you with purpose into 2021.  Then, take some time to sit down with your calendar, your journal, your photo album, phone, or computer, and glean your resources for all that has happened over the past 12 months. Sit quietly with this and think about what you learned and what you want to bring with you to 2021. This is a potent exercise! Connect with Marcilie here.

Where can I benefit from the medicine of subtraction?

This prompt comes from Lunar Living Coach + Yoga Teacher Chelsea Spicer, and is paired with this week’s last quarter moon in Libra. The New Year may have started last week, but grandmother moon is giving us a little more time to clear out the last bits of mental, emotional, and physical clutter from the past year. Since Libra is all about balance, examine where you might benefit from the medicine of subtraction – clearing out the limiting habits and beliefs that leave you feeling off-balance or disconnected from your sense of equanimity, and give yourself a clean slate to reset and reorient to the now and the year ahead. Find more from Chelsea here.

Co-written by Monica Krake, Founder of Head + Heart  and Hannah Exner, Founder of Three Moon Collective.