+ the 7 Most Effective Mood-Balancing Crystals 

Guest contributed by Crystal Reiki Healer, Yasmine Decosterd. Follow her on Instagram  @CrystalWellnessCompany and explore her upcoming Crystal meditations and workshops here. 

What a year we’ve had so far. For many of us, we’ve had to navigate many “firsts” which have likely had some influence over our energetic bodies and led to changes in our mood. Albert Einstein told us back in the 1920’s, that everything including our bodies is composed of energy. We are all energy. We are all matter. As energy, we have the ability to emit and absorb energy.

In the course of our day, we come into contact with many forms of energy (people, objects, thoughts) which impacts our own energy (consciously or subconsciously), and can influence our mental energetic body and can thus reflect in our mood.

Crystal healing does not work in the same way that conventional medicine works. This form of energy healing is subtle and works in conjunction with your own thoughts, intentions, and actions, to co-create an outcome. However, please note that it should never take the place of treatment from a certified health professional. 

Any time you are working with crystals for personal use, make sure that they are within your energy field which is generally 3ft around you in any direction. Some ways of doing that: keep them in your pockets, in your bra, wear jewelry that has crystals, keep them next to you at your desk at work or in your home office, on your nightstand, under your pillow, on your body while you meditate, hold them in your hands, or place them around your body while you’re doing yoga. You can even create crystal grids, with specific intentions for a particular period of time, if that’s more up your ally. 

Here are my top crystal picks to balance the energetic body and moods. 

  • Selenite. This is an inexpensive stone (depending on size, shape and quality of course). So, it’s accessible to anyone. This is THE stone in my arsenal, that helps move unwanted energy. You can use it to clear other crystals, to clear your personal energy or energy from your surrounding environment. It is a stone of white light, serenity and calm, which you can use during meditation, during sleep, or as part of your space clearing ritual.  Think of selenite as replenishing your soul and energy field with white light. 
  • Black Kyanite. Often, our mood is a result of something. We have a lot of thoughts which we either let go or invite in, and if those thoughts stay too long, they can influence your mental energy body. There may also have been some sort of interaction with someone at any point of our day that has led to unwanted attachments which may be influencing how we react (and our mood). Black Kyanite is my go to crystal for something that is commonly referred to as cord cutting, which is a practice of intentionally cutting attachments with XYZ. It simply preserves your spiritual space, and removes unwanted energy that may be stuck to you. Most of the time, unwanted energy is attached to our Chakra centers. So this crystal works to bring alignment back into your energy field by repairing tears or holes in the auric field, helps to ground you, and overall offers you balance. I find that the combination of Selenite and Black Kyanite really helps to set the stage for improving my energy and mood. Unlike Selenite, which you can purchase polished, raw, or shaped and use in similar ways; Black Kyanite is most typically (and I believe most effective) when acquired as what is called a “fan”. 

If you can identify that what may be influencing your mood is due to your surroundings (past or present) or interaction with someone (or thing), then start with these two crystals. Set the stage for grounding yourself and clearing any unwanted attachments. Selenite is a crystal you can use at all times – almost like underwear (however, please note I do not recommend placing it in your underwear!).

  • Labradorite is a great crystal for transitional times of year, and allows you to become more self aware; it also helps to clear all Chakras which again has an impact on our energetic levels (which can influence mood).
  • Garnet increases energy levels and lessens feelings of lethargy, so is another great crystal to have during these interesting times, and particularly as we head into Winter. Garnet also doubles as a protective and grounding stone. Bonus, it can increase your desire between the sheets, so you and your partner of choice may have some added fun as a result. 
  • Amethyst is fabulous for your overall health & wellness, and is considered a natural stress reliever. It’s also very supportive if you’re feeling any grief or loss. Bonus, it’s also a stone of good fortune so great to have in your work space / place of business! 
  • When you’re feeling down, your heart hurts or you’re in need of self-care, grab some Rose Quartz. It helps to calm negative emotions and revitalize the body, both physically and emotionally.
  • I like to work with Clear Quartz for almost everything. It’s like the black dress of the crystal world! It can be programmed with any intention and it amplifies any other crystal it comes into contact with. Clear Quartz is my go to anchor crystal for grids and something I use in most of my rituals. 

Anytime you acquire a new crystal you should also spend some time to program & activate it. All this really means is that you want to spend some time with it, speak to it either silently or out loud and set your intentions for it. Specifically state the healing you would like support with.

In my opinion there really is no wrong way to use a crystal.

Remember, crystal healing is a form of energy healing. Crystals are made up of specific, repeating, perfect patterns that vibrate at particular rates which influences energy. Crystals work because the subtle energies from the body and mind interact with the perfect crystalline structure and vibration of crystals, helping it become just a bit more balanced and closer to the vibration of the crystal. Additionally, when you set a strong intention for an outcome, such as a boost in confidence as you work with a piece of citrine, you are helping to align your personal vibration with that of the crystal. 

Curious to expand your crystal knowledge, or to acquire ethically sourced crystals to support your energetic healing? We highly recommend Yasmine’s workshops and meditations. You can find ethically sourced crystals in her virtual shop, Crystal Wellness Company.