If you’re curious to explore the vibrational healing power of Crystal Reiki, this article explains what Crystal Reiki is, how it works, and shares three Crystal Reiki book recommendations.

Energy healing has become pretty mainstream these days, and it’s no wonder, as we’re all getting more attuned to our own energies and seeking to explore our energetic potentials. Reiki healing is a lot less fringe than it once was, with many practitioners blending Reiki into their other wellness offerings like Sound Meditation, and even massage. Crystal Reiki, however, is far less common and when I first came across the work of Yasmine Decosterd, I’d never even heard of this modality. In this article, Yasmine explains what Crystal Reiki, how it can support meaningful wellness shifts in our lives + kicks of with three Crystal Reiki book recommendations.

A book is always the best place to start when learning about a new modality. Here are three books about Crystal Reiki that will give you a great foundation.

Crystal Reiki Book Recos

Yasmine’s Path to Crystal Reiki

Yasmine’s path to being a healer wasn’t exactly direct. Originally from Brazil, Yasmine spent years in corporate New York working in marketing before packing up and heading to the West Coast (Seattle) in pursuit of a more balanced, joyful life. She took some time out from corporate life to give back to herself and explore her innate healing gifts. Through exploring Breathwork training, Tibetan healing massage, and doing a Sound Bowl certification, she had an epiphany that her purpose is to help others. And that’s when her discovery of Crystal Reiki came about. Yasmine is one of a handful of certified Crystal Reiki practitioners on the West Coast. 

Enjoy this Q&A: 

Head + Heart: What exactly is Crystal Reiki: 

Yasmine Decosterd: Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique used to help with healing. It comes from the Japanese words “rei” (universal) and “ki” (life energy). It is a spiritual practice similar to Yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness experiences. When Reiki is paired with Crystal energy, it is a marriage of spirit and mother earth, which offers deeper and faster healing. Crystal Reiki is the combination of natural Crystal healing energy and Reiki healing energy.

H+H: How exactly does Crystal Reiki support healing? 

YD: Crystal Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it. It should not be used as a prescription, diagnosis or treatment. Reiki complements other healing methods and spiritual practices. It is not tied into any religion. It works independently of whatever your own beliefs or preferences are. Crystal Reiki works to induce relaxation and stimulate self-healing of the mind, body and spirit. The Crystal Reiki books above offer more info and are a great place to start.

Learn about the power of Crystal Reiki for healing, emotional support, and vibrational expansion + 3 crystal reiki book recommendations.
Yasmine Decosterd

H+H: How does this healing process work? 

YD: If you can think back to science class we learned that everything on earth is made of atoms that have a specific amount of energy. Crystals are made up of specific, repeating, perfect patterns that vibrate at a particular rate which may work to influence energy and can influence you on a physical, emotional or spiritual level.  Crystals work because the subtle energies from the body and mind (i.e., thoughts, focus, and intention) interact with the perfect crystalline structure and vibration of crystals. When the body – which vibrates at an imperfect rate – comes into contact with a crystal, the vibration of the crystal has an influence on the body’s vibrational energy, helping it become just a bit more balanced and closer to the vibration of the crystal.

Energy healing is subtle – and works in conjunction with your own thoughts, intentions, and actions, to co-create an outcome. 

Intention is extremely important here. When you combine energy healing, crystals and intention – you get a healing power punch that in my opinion is quite meaningful and effective. In my practice, you learn to focus on the spiritual essence of the crystals and stones, a person’s energy centers (Chakras), and tuning into their aura / etheric field. It’s part art, part science and part intuition. For anyone looking to learn more about Crystal Reiki, I’d recommend picking up a crystal reiki book by either Emma Lucy Knowles or Krista Mitchell, linked above.

H+H: What types of healing outcomes have you seen in your clients? 

YD: Because there are so many different ways to use Crystals with Reiki, the wellness opportunities are plenty and the outcomes vary. I’ve seen my clients benefit with improved mental and emotional patterns over time, physical improvements such as immediate relaxation, less stress or anxiety and even less physical joint pain or muscle pain. Generally every single client feels an immediate sense of peace and lightness, regardless of any other short or long term effects. 

Explore Yasmine’s crystal workshops and her upcoming reiki events, where she weaves in Tarot, Intuitive healing, channelling and personal messages. And if you’re looking for a crystal reiki book recommendation, Yasmine recommends the books by Emma Lucy Knowles and Krista Mitchell, acknowledging that Judy Hall’s crystal reiki book is very popular!


Learn about the power of Crystal Reiki for healing, emotional support, and vibrational expansion + 3 crystal reiki book recommendations.

Written by Monica Krake, founder of Head + Heart.