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Yasmine Decosterd

Yasmine Decosterd

Yasmine is a Certified Reiki Master specializing in Usui Reiki and Crystal Reiki. She's also certified in Singing Bowl Sound Healing, a Breathwork Coach and a student of Earth Medicine. In the workshops and sessions Yasmine offers, she integrates several therapies including Intuitive Oracle Card Readings, Crystal Reiki Healing, Channeling, and Herbal Smoke Clearing. With her 18+ year executive corporate background in employee development, people operations, mentoring and coaching, she's a uniquely well-rounded teacher, artist, creator and healer. She founded the Crystal Wellness Company with a passion to weave Crystal & Reiki wellness into any lifestyle. Whether you are a Corporate Executive, Teacher, Spiritual Novice or Wellness Aficionado, Yasmine offers 1:1 private services, classes and workshops, as well as an array of ethical products to support you on your journey.

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Sound, Tarot, and Crystal Reiki

On a monthly basis, Yasmine offers a variety of classes that combine her healing modalities of Reiki Energy Healing, Crystal Reiki, Intuitive Tarot and Sound. She loves Full Moon and New Moon events so you can always count on a highly meditative experience!

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Crystal Learning Workshops

In this interactive workshop, you'll have the opportunity to take your Crystal knowledge beyond the basics. We'll start with a refresher: how to choose crystals, what to do when you first acquire a crystal and how to maintain crystals at home. Then we'll discuss how to choose crystals for the home and how to pick crystals for different moods & intentions. You'll also learn about crystal grids (what are they, how to create them and my top grid picks). Bring all your questions for Yasmine's personal input!

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  • Energy Clearing with Crystals + Breathwork

    This class begins with a guided light breathwork meditation w/ Datza, the owner and founder of Datza Studios in Seattle. Yasmine will then teach you all about energy, energy clearing, energy hygiene, and demonstrate the various tools (crystals included!) used to support this practice. Each participant will also receive a Crystal reading before the end of class! Bonus: you’ll receive a 20% discount code to shop Crystal Wellness Company after you sign up for the event.

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  • Moon Cycle Crystal & Reiki Meditation

    Moon phases are high energy which allow you to recharge, realign and start fresh. Spend your time in meditation, ritual, healing and ceremony. During this class, you will focus your energy on what you need to let go of, and the combination of Crystal Reiki will help rid your energetic body of all the things that no longer serve you. This class begins with a guided light breathwork meditation. You will then relax and enjoy a curated playlist while Yasmine performs distance Crystal Reiki. At the end of the class, each participant will receive a photo of the ceremony alter which includes a multi card pull of affirmations and positive messages. Lastly, should you choose to participate, you will have an opportunity to submit your own intentions, which Yasmine will influse with Crystal Reiki support.

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  • 1:1 Private Sessions

    Yasmine offers virtual private Crystal Reiki and Intuitive Tarot sessions regularly. If you’re based in the Seattle area, in person sessions will resume once Covid-19 safety guidelines and restrictions are lifted.

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I could feel energy shifting and moving in my body. After the session l felt a deep sense of relaxation and peace. I woke the next day rested as if a great weight had been lifted from my spirit.


I didn’t know what to expect. This was my first time doing Crystal Reiki. It was a relaxing experience, and afterwards I was noticeably less stressed, my lower back pain was relieved and I slept very well that night.