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5 Virtual Breathwork Journeys We (Highly!) Recommend

Written by Monica Krake, Founder, Head + Heart. Find her on Instagram.

My breathwork obsession began when a mutual friend introduced me to breathwork facilitator Carmen Ganne and I did a session with her as part of my research into the benefits of breathwork, particularly, how it can help release stress and anxiety.

Yes, she came highly recommended, but I didn‚Äôt have big expectations as I laid down in Carmen‚Äôs (very inviting) space. How much could I expect from breathing? In that first session, she gave me instructions for the active, two-part breathing technique: ‘Through an open mouth, breath into the belly, then the chest, then out through an open relaxed jaw. ‘

I didn‚Äôt think I could even keep my mouth open for an hour of breathing (always getting hung up on the details!) but I laid down and gave it a shot. 

That session was the first time I’ve felt such a huge clearing of old, stuck emotions, as though I had been given the keys to truly inhabit my own body. I also felt an opening to the Spirit realm that I’ve only read about. 

For me, Breathwork is the most supportive practice I‚Äôve discovered. (In case you haven‚Äôt noticed we talk about it a lot around here!)¬†So much so, that I’ve done breathwork facilitator training and have begun holding space for others.

Remarkably, the experience of doing breathwork virtually can be extremely supportive, and has given me a chance to practice with some of the world’s best teachers. Here, I‚Äôm sharing this list of 5 Virtual Breathwork Journeys, and the teachers who lead them. If you‚Äôre curious about this practice, send me a DM and I‚Äôll be happy to answer any questions you have.¬†

Tai Hubbert’s Virtual Breathwork Journeys

As a holistic, integrative practitioner, Tai’s breathwork sessions are designed to help people untangle toxic patterns and move towards greater awareness, freedom, peace, and fulfillment. With a background in meditation, yoga, earth medicine and shamanism, she brings a wide toolkit to support the breathwork students that she guides in the small group ceremonies and one-to-one work she offers. You can expect to feel deeply supported byTai’s Virtual Breathwork Ceremonies. She offers a beautiful guided meditation, and powerful energy to the groups she holds space for. I highly recommend trying one of her upcoming gatherings.

Ana Lilia’s Community Breathwork Gatherings

Ana Lilia‚Äôs teaching philosophy is ‚Äúyou can change the way you feel by changing the way you breathe‚ÄĚ. Ana offers by-donation community breathwork circles, breathwork classes, and one-to-one sessions. I‚Äôve tried her community breathwork meditations and love the energy, enthusiasm and authenticity she brings. She offers a virtual space where people can show up, share what‚Äôs coming up emotionally (or not) and remember that you‚Äôre not alone. The group begins with a check in, and then moves into conscious connected breathwork, an active form of two-part breathing that she explains at the start. With an open mouth and relaxed jaw, you breathe into the belly, then the heart, and then release. The flow should be continuous. Ana‚Äôs gentle guided meditation supports the journey, helping each person let go and release. The community gatherings are less than one hour long, yet powerful. A great way to start the weekend. Learn more and join here.

Shanila Sattar’s Sunday Breathwork Circles

I’ve had the pleasure of doing many virtual breathwork sessions with Shanila, as well as her breathwork facilitaton program for healers. Shanila blends her breathwork sessions with energy healing, mantras, and moon meditations. She is a truly gifted facilitator and healer, with the capacity to hold sacred space in an incredibly accessible way. Explore her upcoming offerings here! 

Annalise Sullivan’s Breathwork Healing Circles

A very popular west coast teacher, Annalise offers a variety of breathwork and intuitive healing circles, designed to empower her students to become their own healers. Her intention is to (in her words!) ‚Äúbring the emotional revolution out of your unconscious mind, and make it a living, breathing part of your evolution.‚ÄĚ Annalise‚Äôs breathwork gatherings offer a somatic healing experience, teaching you how to go beyond your perceived limits and connect to the strength at the very core of your essential nature.¬† Explore her upcoming events here.¬†

Bree Melanson’s Breathwork Events

As a spiritual medium and channel, Bree often begins her breathwork gatherings with a channelled message and meditation. She‚Äôs a unique teacher. She seems more like someone I‚Äôd meet at a cool party than be guided in meditation by. That said, she‚Äôs definitely got a remarkable gift, that I‚Äôve experienced directly having both done a virtual breathwork session with her and listened to her channeled messages from what she calls ‚Äúinterdimensional light beings‚ÄĚ. I‚Äôm not sure what I personally believe about channeling (Bree says she channels Jesus and the Arcturians) but there‚Äôs no doubt the messages I‚Äôve heard Bree channel are powerful and true messages that this world needs to hear. For a truly unique Breathwork journey, I‚Äôd recommend checking out Bree‚Äôs offerings

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