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Top 10 Wellness Festivals in North America

Ready for a summer wellness festival?

Check out the following top 10 beautiful wellness festivals happening across North America.

Whether you’re a festival newbie or you’ve been frequenting your favorite festival for years, it’s nice to know that North America is home to some of the world’s most noted teachers and festival experiences. While you could travel to India or Costa Rica for a wellness festival, you’ll also find some of the world’s top experiences featuring some of the most beloved yogis and musicians and sacred healers- a lot closer to home. From the Squamish to California to New Mexico here are a few of the festivals deemed “Must Try’ and a 411 on what each offers:


Happening just outside of Seattle in Enumclaw, the Samsarafest wellness festival has a beautiful meaning and a rich history. The word Samsara means journeying, which is what this festival offers to all wellness seekers- no matter where you are on your journey. You can expect some hugging, some crying, some stillness, some journaling, some talking, some circles and a lot of play and celebration, human connection, positivity and healing. Over 100 different activities are planned across this 4-day immersion – including yoga, various healing, nature immersion, live music, adventure activities, hands-on workshops, inspiring talks, intimate circles, Ayurveda teachings, drum circles, farm to table foods, and much more.

Shakti Fest

Happening May 9-13, 2019 at the beautiful Joshua Tree Lake Campground, Shakti Fest offers the ultimate experience among wellness festivals, a chance to connect with the Divine Feminine that resides in all of us. Seekers will enjoy live music, yoga classes, healing, conscious workshops, gender specific classes and more- plus it’s kid friendly. Featuring popular teachers and artists such as Jai Uttal, Shiva Rea, MC Yogi, Donna De Lory, Saul David Raye, Dawn Cartwright, Fannah Fi Allah, Janet Stone, Kia Miller, Wicked Hangin Chads and many more.  Shakti Fest is one of the few all-ages, family friendly music and yoga festivals on the circuit today, with the intention to be a vehicle for evolution of human consciousness through a heart-centered revolution. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Learn more here.

Bhakti Fest

The sister festival of Shakti Fest, Bhakti Fest celebrates the devotional paths of yoga, Kirtan (sacred music), and meditation. Scheduled for September 25-30, 2019 this is one of the few wellness festivals that is completely drug and alcohol-free as it’s intended to be a vehicle of higher consciousness. Bring your yoga mats this September to the new Roadrunner Dunes location and get ready to practice yoga and meditation and take workshops with leaders in the field of personal growth, with some of the best yoga and music meditation teachers in the world including Deepak Chopra, Krishna Das, Mike Love, Dharma Mittra, Shiva Rea, Radhanath Swami, Jai Uttal, MC Yogi, Fannah Fi Allah, Saul David Raye, Donna De Lory, Sianna Sherman, Mas Vidal, Girish, Govind Das & Radha, Kia Miller, Dawn Cartwright, Ram Das, and so many more. There is an awesome Kids program and children under 12 get free admission. Full details here.

Blessed Festival

A celebration of music, yoga and arts, the Blessed Festival is an invitation to experience some of BC’s most loved yoga teachers, speakers and wisdom-keepers, surrounded by the breathtaking views of the local Squamish mountains and rivers. This unique wellness festival provides an invitation to enjoy the art and wisdom of the Coast Salish teachers who bring their communal ceremonies to the modern context of celebration. This is a family friendly and eco-friendly event. See the full schedule here.


If you are seeking to find your true north, Wanderlust is one of the most popular immersive wellness festivals out there. This festival now comes to MANY places across Canada and the USA, bringing together the world’s top yoga and mindful teachers (this year’s teachers include Eoinn Finn, Janet Stone, and Cheryl Strayed!) alongside a diverse range of yoga, fitness and wellness workshops and experiences to try. Wanderlust is billed as an all-out celebration of mindful living and has been a go-to festival for wellness and yoga lovers for quite some time, which means you can pretty much be guaranteed a positive experience.

Telluride Yoga Festival

Set in the stunningly beautiful and majestic setting of Telluride, Colorado, this authentic and intimate wellness festival includes over 100 offerings throughout the weekend including classes, workshops, lecturers and social events that you will not want to miss. The Telluride Yoga Festival is known for its amazing lineup of presenters covering a wide range of styles and levels. Happening June 27-30, 2019, this is a great festival to camp at, and commune with nature.

Sat Nam Fest

Your instructions for the weekend? Dance, chant, yoga, meditate, celebrate, elevate! This wellness festival is an invitation to immerse yourself in the joy, transformation, and rejuvenation of Kundalini Yoga, sacred chant, and creativity. Whether you are an experienced yogi, or this is your first time practicing Kundalini Yoga, Sat Nam Fest is designed to allow wellness festival goers to  create the perfect yogic experience for you, offering a variety of teachers, workshops, and class sizes, you’ll be sure to find something that calls to you. Llet your heart be your guide!


A 4-day sacred art, music, and movement festival on the Oregon Coast, Beloved 2019 is billed as a healing event. Imagine a world that understands the depth of our connection with each other, to the planet, and to our souls? Beloved 2019 is a model of, and invitation to this connection.   Beloved is a presentation of sacred music from diverse global traditions, along with interactive art installations, live painting, local organic cuisine, workshops on yoga, healing, relationships, social and environmental justice, and the music and wisdom of ancient cultures. Get ready for a truly immersive experience!

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